Hale - BR120 H364 1684

( 46) knew anyman converted by an angry, päfficztlà`èé, raid? ing Adverfary, for fuch kind of behaviour prefently raj feth in the"Adverfary the likePallions and Prejgìdit; `and makes the Diflance greater; and the Paíflons being ingaa, . ged in thequarrel, the Judgmentsof both fides are l'oft,or blinded, or filenced with the'dufl and noife of pa lionate digladiations ; andindeed confideringhow apparently and evidently fuch kind ofdealing between Diflenters renders compofures almofl impofììble; and yet obferving how much this courte of reviling, and opprobrious, and unman- ly as well as unchriftian Language, is in pra&ife, I thought that it hathbeena real defign to render each Par- ty odious and irreconcilable to the other, and the hopes ofcompofure defperate : For who can ever expe& that any man, or any fort of men, thouldbe drawn over to that Party that {hall publickly flile him brainjck, afool, filly, hypocrite, fanatique, and a hundred fuch fcornful Appella- tions; or that men will be eafily drawn to relinquish thofe Opinions or Perfwafionswhen theymuff thereby in effec` fubfcribe to fuchEpithetes and Appellations before all the world ; andof all things in theworld men can with the leafi patience bear refle&ion upon their intelIecluals, and are moll irreconcilable to them that traduce or abufe them therein. 2. It greatly difadvantageth the Caufe, as well as the Ferfons of thofe thatufe this method amongft fober in- different Obfervers, whowill be ready to conclude them a parcel of people tranfported by . aflions, weak, and pre- judicated ; and look upon fuch aCaufe as is maintained by railing, fcoffing, raillery, and unproved Calumnies, as weak, and Handing in need offetch' rüdeneffes to fupport and maintain it. 3'. It expofeth Religion itfelf to thederifion of Atheifls, and confirms them in their Atheifms; and` gains them too many