Hale - BR120 H364 1684

(47) many Profelytes, and that : principally upon Rea, ions, i, Becaufe they find that Clergy-men do tell them in, the Pulpits, that Chrift himfelf and his Appoftles con- d.emned railing, fcandalous Appellation,: as Raca, and Fool, Evil- (peaking,foolijhjeafling, Mocking, Reviling ; This they tell men, and they tell them truly, and yet thefe very men that call themfelves Miniflers of Chrü, Mef fengers of the Gófpel of Peace, take that admirable liber- ty of reproaching,fcoffing, and deriding one another in their publick Pamphlets and Difcourfes, that can fcarce be exampled among the molt inve&ivè' Ranks`` of Perfons, whofe trade it is to be Satyrical, and:;ren- ' der people ridiculous : Nay fo far bath this Excellent manage prevail'd among Clergy-men, that their Scoffs and Reproaches are mot levelled at the Perfons, or Per- fanal Defeéts of Diffenters, but rather than, want fup- ports for their Party, will have ugly flings at Religion it faf, at Scripture.expreflions ; and when men fee fuch a courfe of Pra&ice among the Preachers andClergy-men, they are ready to conclude, that farely they believe not themfelves what they preach to others ; therefore think they have a fair pretence not to believe them. z, But principally thefegreat Animofities and Tranfports of diffenting Clergy-men, confirms and promotes A- theifine, upon this account, that the things about which this wonderful hate is Drucken between thefe Parties, are filch as both Parties agree to be none of the Fun - damentals of the Religion profelfed by both, but Ac- ceffaries and Accelitons, and filch indeed as 13y-Randers think are of very fmall moment, and yet when men fee fo, much heat andpaliion, fo much fervour and contention, fuch reproaches and revilings, fuch exafperations of Au,"hot' on either Party,.'fuch mutual Profecutiòns one of._aft er, that more could not poffibly be done be- tween.