Hale - BR120 H364 1684

( 49) Sir. Francis Bacon Lord Verulam, Vifcount St. Albans and Lord Chan cellor after, in his Advertifement of the Controverfies, of the Church of Eng- land, pag. 138. ofhis Works. THe wrongs of them who are poffefred of the Government oftheChurch, towards the other, may hardly be diffembled, or excu- fed : They have charged them as tho' they denyed tribute to Cvefr,andwithdrew from theCivil Magistrate, the obedience which they have ever performed and taught. I have oft tranJcribed Bithop Andrews Confident Afr- tien of the Loyalty of thole then called Puritans, a- gainft the Papifls accufation, in his Tortura Torti. They have forted and coupled them with the Family of Love, whole Herefie they have labour'd to deftroy and confute. They have been fwift of Credit to receive accufations againft them, from thofe that have quar- relled with them, but for fpeaking againft fin and Vice. Their Accufations and Inquifitions have been ftri&, Swearing men to Blanks and Generalities, not included within compafs of Matter certain; Which the Party which is to take the Oath, may Comprehend to be a thing captious and fireinable. Their urgingSubfcrip- tion to their own Articles, is but Lace(fere ú irritare morbos Bcclefrce ; Which otherwife Would fpend them- felves: Non Confenfum yucerit fed dijidium, qt i quodfallis prcefatur, in verbis exigit. He feeketh not Vnity but H Divifon,