Hale - BR120 H364 1684

(SO) Diviflon, who exalleth that in words, which we are content to yield in Allion. And it is true, that there are fome,. who (I am per- (waded) will not eafily offend by inconformity, who notwithftanding make force Confcience to fiibfcribe For they know thisNote of Inconftancy and Defeaion fromwhat they have long held, Ihall diffable them to do that good, which otherwife they might do. For fuch is the weaknefs of many, that their Miniftry Ihould be 1 never thereby difcredited *. As for their eafie filencing them met with a- in fo great fcarcity of Preachers, it is to Punifb the ni that have People, and not Them. Ought they not (I mean the fcr Bithops)to keep oneeyeopen, to look upon the good that jcn flan on no greater the men do, but to fix them both upon the hurt that reajan than they fuppofe cometh by them ? Indeed fuch as arelntem -.. tht :. perate and Incorrigible, God forbid they Ihould be per.- mitted to preach: But lhall every inconfiderate word, fomtimes captioufly watched, and for the molt part hard- ly enforced, be as a forfeiture of their Voice and Gift in preaching ? As for fundry particular moleftations, I take noplea lure to recite them. If a Minifter fhall be troubled for Paying in Baptifme ( Do you believe) for (Doff thou believe) If another íhall be call'd in queftion, for praying for her Majefty,.without the additions of her Stile. Where- as the very Form of Prayer in the Common-prayer- book. hath (Thy fervant Elizabeth). and no more : If a third lhall be accufed on thefe words uttered touch- ing the Controverfies, Tollatur Lex ut flat certamen, (whereby was meant that the prejudice of the Law re- moved, eithers reafons Ihould be equally compared) of calling the people to Sedition and Mutiny, as if he had Paid, Away with the Law, and try it out with Force; If thefe and other like particulars be true, which I have but,