Hale - BR120 H364 1684

( s2) where they are planted cught to be maintained invi- olate. So likewife in Church matters, theSubflance of Dotirine is immutable : And fo are theGeneralRules of Government.: But far Rites and Ceremonies, and for theparticular Hierar- chies, Policies, and Difcipline ofChurches, they be left at large. And therefore it is good that we return to the ancient bounds of Vnity in the Church of God : which was, One Faith, One Baptifm; and not One Hierarchy,One Difcipline And thatwe obferve the League of Chriflians as it is penned by our Saviour ; which is, in fubflance of Doflrine this, [He that is not withus is againfl us.] But in things Indiffe- rent and of Circumflance, this [He that is not againft us is with us.] In thefè things, fo as the General rule be obferved, [That Chrifls flock befed: That therebe a fuccegion in (hops andMiniflers, which are theProphets of the New Tefla. ment; That there be a due and reverent ufe of the Power of the Keyes ; That thole that preach the Gofpel, live o f the Gof- pel ; That all things tend to Edification ; That all things be done in order, and with decency, and the like,] The ref is left to Holy Wifdom,and fpiritual difcretionofthe MaIler- Builder, and Inferior Builders inChrifts Church. As it is excellently alluded by that Father that noted that Chriíls Garment was without Seam ; and yet the Churches Gar - mentwas of divers Colours : And fetsdown as a rule : In vefle varietasfit ; f iffura non ft. Pag. 134. For the Government of Bithops, I for my part, not prejudging the Prefidents of other reformed Churches, do hold it warrantedby the Word ofGod, and by thePra&ice ofthe ancient Church in the better times; andmuch more Convenient for Kingdoms than .Parity of Miniflers, and Government by Synods. But there be