Hale - BR120 H364 1684

(51) but by Rumor, and cannot affirm ; it is to be lamen- ted that they íhould labour among us with fo little Comfort The wrath of man worketh not the Righte- oufnefs of God. Thus far this conformable Learned Lawyer. The faid Lord Verulam in his Confiderations for the better Pacification and Edification of the Church of England, Pag. 180. &c. of his Works. He first anfwers the Obje&ion that [It is again/l good Policie to Innovate any thing in church-matters: And praifing the Church, addeth, pag. t8i. But for the Difci- pline and Orders of the Church ; as many, and the Chief of them, are Holy and Good; fo yet if Saint John were to indite an Epiflle to the Church of England, as he did to them of Afia, it would fare have the Claufe, Habeo adver- fus to pauca. And he faith, pag. 183. That there fhould be one Form of Difeipline in all. Churches, and that impofed by necejity of a commandment and prefcript out of the word of God; It is a matter Volumes have been compiled of, and there- fore cannot receive a brief redargution ; I for my part do confefs that in revolving the Scriptures, I could ne- ver find any fuch thing but that God had left the like liberty to the Church Government, to be varied accor- ding to the Time, and Place, and Accidents ; which ne- verthelefs his high and Divine Providence doth Order and difpofe. For all Civil Governments are rearained from God, unto the General Grounds of Mice and Man- ners. But the Policies and Forms of them are left free; So that Monarchies and Kingdoms, Senates and Seigni. cries, Popular States and Communalties, are lawful; and H 2 where