Hale - BR120 H364 1684

A PREFACE, With fome Notes on thefe Dif-- courfes by thePubliíher. THe Publifhing of theft Difcourfes fhewetb the great mutability offuch weak underftandings as my own : Till very lately no Price could have hiredme to Publifh them, left it were a Violation ofhis Teftament, which faith that he [would have no Writings ofhis Publifhed, but what in his Life Time he gave tobe Publifhed] ; Andhe delivered not thefe in his Life Time tome. Inmy ignorance this,fatif- fredme. But lately opening the Cafe to fome Lawyers of known Eminence, Honour, and Integrity, they have convin- cedme that Icroft his Will, and the Commongood, by my Sup- preng them. The Cafe is this : When he was gone from us in great Weaknefs to the Place ofhis Death, in my laß Letter to him, I toldhim how muchgood theLordBacon's Book calledCon- fiderations of Matters Ecclefiaftical had done, with many that toojuftlyfufpeff Clergy Contenders of Partiality ; and that the Honour andlull Pfleem that Godhadgivenhim with all forts of Men he owed to the Service ofhim that gavait: A s