Hale - BR120 H364 1684

The Preface to the Reader. And therefore knowing the doleful Cafe ofthis Land, as di a voided asdfìrivrng atout Religion, I intreatedhim that he would-Write his3udgment briefly and freely of the Caufe and Cure : The rather becaufe his Contemplations were fo accep- table to many. In his lafl Letter anfwering this, He profejjeth that thofe Contemplations were Printedwithout bis Purpofe, Knowledge, or Conferit, but thanks God if they did good, though beyond his intent. But though the ref/ be full ofkindnefs, Iwill not l'irblifh it, left really it fhouldviolate his Will. But when he was dead, he whoPublifhed his Contemplations, /hewed me a Bag of his 11'lannufcripts, fmall occa/lonal Tr-a/lates, and gave me out- thrfe three, laying, that They weredirefled [For Mr. Baxter] By which I knew they were by him given me inanfiver to my forefaid Letter, which Craved the Publicationof his yudgment of our Divifions. But I conjefiure they had been long before. written by himat leveral Times, andmuch to the fame purpofe ; andfö .I fuppofe that hegave themme, and left theufe of them to ,my Difcretion. Now fay theft; Learned Lawyers, " Aman may havefeveral Wills inWriting in re- " ference to feveralThings, not repugnant tut confflent, and " all(hall /land andbe taken as his tall Will,andmay make fe " veral Executors,andgive themfeveral diftinll Powers. And "claufula generalis non porrigitur ad ea qux Specialiter " nominantur, And this Direlion toyou on that Occafion, " maketh it a Legacy bequeathedto you : And the anfwering " your Letter by it fheweth to what ufe: Andhis after like- " ing of the publifhing his Contemplations, fheweth that he was not utterly againfl appearing in Print. By this andmuch more they Satisfte me, that it was my Ignorance that made me refolve to Concealthem. I confefs the Deliverer thought it bell for me to make one Treatife out ofthem all, Becaufe being not intended for Pub- lication at the Writing of them, the fame thing is repeated, efpecially