Hale - BR120 H364 1684

56) . 1. And fo he would not have Lay-men and the Clergie .confounded,as ifthere were nothing proper to thePailoral Office, left it teach the Laity Sacrilegious Ufurpation. The 0.frce is nothing but a conjun&ion of Obligation and Authority to do the works: And if a Lay-man have thefe two, he is a Bithop. II I.The very confounding of the Bithops Office and the Presbyters,feemeth fo ill to many, that they think even a Presbyter (Archdeacon or Chancellor) may not be depu-. ted to the work of the Bithop, becaufe that maketh hirr' a bifhop, much lefs may a Lay -man. IV. Many would not have the King or Civil Nagiflrate. made properly aBithop, and fo the Offices Confounded : But fay they, If commoning another to Judge by the Keyes,or toadminifter Sacraments, be proper to a Bifhop, then Kings and Magiftratesare Bill-lops ; for they may fend and Commiffion other men to do all this. V. The Bithops perfonal doing of all his ownproper Ofice- works, would anfwer almoft all that the moderate Nonconformifis defire in Church Government : For then, i. The Keyes we hope would be ufed ina Sacred fericus manner, with due Admonition, Inftrú&ion, Exho Cati- on, Prayer, &c. which might melt a Sinner into Repen- tance. z.. And thenExperience would fully fatisfie the Dioce- fans that theymull needs have Bithops under them, or be- tides them, at leaft in every greatTown, with the adjoin-. ing Parithes : For by that time they had duelyConfirmed all before Communicating, and hadexamined, exhorted, and judged the many hundred Scandalous Perfons that in a Di- ocefs wouldbe prefented, Ile warrant you they would be glad of thehelpof many : And though perhaps Church- Wardens would not prefent allthat comenot to Church, in the Parithes where many Score thoufands keep away for