Hale - BR120 H364 1684

( 57 ) for want of room, or on that pretence ; yet good Mini- fiers would prefent more than now they do, when they law it would tend to a facred ufe of the Ke} es, and mens repentance. Racer's delire of Parifh Difcipline, would be fure more performed, which would end molt Church Controverfies, VI. And this would bring in many Nonconformifls, who now Band out, becaufe they dare not make a Cove.. pant, an Oath, never in their places to endeavour any al- teration of Church Government, becaufe they think Lay Chancelleurs ufe of the Keyes decretively unlawful. And dare not fwear Obedience to fuch Ordinances ; nor yet own the Omi(ion of Difcipline which the paucity of Bifiops unavoidably inferreth, while a Diocefs hath but. one. (Experience would certainly cure that). VII. And it moveth forne, that we yet meet with few Billops that will defend lay Chancellours decretive ufe of the Keyes ; but feem to with it were refor- med. VIII. And the Chancellours and Civilians have little reafon to be offended with my Lord Verulam,`and fuch men : For he would allow them the probate of Wills, and Matrimonial Cafes, and all that belongeth to an Official Magiftrate, that hath his Office from the King. And no doubt would confent that they have a mode- rate Power by mulls to conftrain men to fubmit to their Courts, inflead of the ufe of Excommunications and Abfolutions, They fay this is otherwife in Scotland now. And yet they are fworn not to endeavour any alteration of Church Government. And I hope none will be angry with this Learned great man, for the blame which he layeth on the Bi- shops ufage of the Non-Conformifts; even before the I prefent