Hale - BR120 H364 1684

( 63 ) I knowno man that lath more fullyconfuted that Sect than he hathdone in his Treatife of Supremacy andChurch- 7/nity : And faiththe Publifher of his Life, [Heunderflorid Popery both at home and abroad. He hadnarrowly offerved it Militant in England, triumphant in Italy, dfguifed in. France ; and had earlier apprehenfions of the Approaching Danger, andwouldhave appeared with the forwardefl in a needfultime. Whoever will truly confute his Treatifeof the Popes Supremacy, and that of the 7/nity of the Church, againft the Supremacy and Foreign JurifdiftionofCouncils called. General, I here promife him flail make me a Papift (of the Italian or the Gallicane fort accordingly) if he will do it before I die, and am Difabled from reading and confi dering it. But I doubt not but the Papilts will rather flu-. dy to bury it in filence, (while they da their works by other means than Reafoning) left the notice of a Confuta- tion should occafion more to read it : And then, efpecial- ly if all men in Power fhould read ir, their Caufe with fuch is utterly undone. Saith Dr. Tillotfon in his Preface to it, [I dare fay that whoeverfhall carefully perufe this Treatife, will find that this . point of thePopes Supremacy (on which Bellarmine hath the confidence tofay, The whole ofChriflianitydepends) is not on- ly an indefenfble, but an Impudent Caufe, as ever was-under- taken by learnedPens : And nothing could have kept it fo . longfrombecoming ridiculous in the judgment of Mankind, but itsbeingfoftronglyfupported by a worldly intereft : For there is not one tolerable argument for it, and there are a thoufand invincible Reafons againfl it.