Hale - BR120 H364 1684

C-62 " tenets, but in Real Practice ; not in a pertinacious ad- " herence toANTSea, or Party, but in a fincere Love of' "Goodnefs, anddiflike ofNaughtinefs wherever difcove- " ring it fell; not in VainOftentations and Flourifhes of outward performance, but an inwardgood complexi- "en ofMind, exerting it felf in Works of true Devotion " and Charity, not in a Nice Orthodoxie, or Politick " Subjeltion of our Judgments to the peremptory "ditates ofMen ; but in a fincere Love ofTruth,and hear- " ty approbation and compliance withtlieDoe}rinesFunra'a- " mentally Good and Neceffàry to be believed : Not in harsh " cenfuring and virulently inveighing againft others, but " 4 in careful amending our own ways : Not in a peevish "croffnefs andobffinate Repugnancy to receivedLaws and "Cuftoms; but in a quiet and Peaceable Submifion to the " exprefs Laws of God, and Lawful Commands of Men : "Not in furious Zeal FORor AGAINST trivial Circum- " ° fl=ances, but in a confcionable pra&ifing the fubftantial parts of Religion : Not in a frequent talking, or contend- " ous difputing about it ; but in a ready obfervance of the "unqueftionable Rules and Precepts of it. In aWord,True " Religion confifts in nothingelfe,but doing what becomes " our Relation to God,in a Conformity or fimilitude to his "Nature,and in awilling Obedience to his Holy Will, to " whichby potent incentives it allures and perfwades us,by " reprefenting to us his tranfcendent glorious Attributes-- ," &c. See the refl, too long to be tranfcribed. Ifyou fay, A Papifl will own ail this. I anfwer, r. So much the better : We will not feign a new Chriftianity todiffer from Papifts. 2. But do they not own too much more ? How thencome they to fill the World with Blood and Divifion, for the Sake of their numerous humane Additionals á I know