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A The drt o(Vivine i'vfeditation. CHAP. XXX. AFter this C•mpl•int, mufr fucaed an hearty and pallionate Wifo of the foule which arifeth cleerdy from the two f >rm<r degrees: For, that wluch a man harh found fweer, and comfortable, ond complaines that he frill wanreth, he cannot butwi(h to enjoy. o Lord, that/ "Jtld waitAnd long for thy folv'lion ! oh that I couldtni»d thtthings above: that .sI am a(lrawgcr indttd,fo I cootdbe a/fo in.ffeEiion! oh that miwetyei, ltkt thttyts ofthy firfl M•rtyr, <~•Id bJ tht lighto{Falthfie hut agli.,pfoofhuven! oh that my heart could berapt upthtthtr in de(ire! How jhou/J ltrampleopontlltf' poore vamllts B oftbt urth! How ,.iUinglyfb•uldl tndurtall[orror11ts,aU tormtnts!HD"' (corntfo/ly foould 1paffi byaUplta{um! Ho» jhould 1be in travailufmy diJ!il•tion! ohwhen foaHthat bltf jid Ja7 cDmt,wfun all this wrttchtdwor/Jiinejft removed, I jiMIIfolattmy {tlj in my God? seho/J,M the H«rt braytthfor tht rivers •fwatm.(i paDttthmyJouleafrerrhtt,o GoJ:. My foult thirfltth for God,wmfor tht living God;Oh whtn fo•U I mne awdapptart before thtprt{tRct 1jGoJ I CHAP, XXXI. AFter this W1{hing, fhall follow humble C••fifion,by jufr or<kr ofnature : for, C having bemoaned our want, and wifhed fupply, not finding this hope in our fclves, we mufr needs acknowledge it to him, ofwhom ondy we may both feeke and find;where it is to be duly obferved, how the mind is by turnes deprefled, and lifted up: being lifced up with our efrateofjoy,it is cafr downe with Compl•int: lift up with Wi{hts, it is cafr downe with Confifio»; which orderdoth bell: bold it in ure, and jufr temper; nnd maketh it more feeling of the comfort which fvlloweth in the conclu!ion. This Conftfion mufr derogate oil from our fclvM, and afcribe all to God, 'Thw I dt.firt, o Lord,l6 be aright afftfltd towards thttand thy gl~ry; I dtftrt IO&~mt to thte:but,•l.u,h•,. wt•ktlyfh•rv ht:Vtlefly?Th•• kn•wtJithAtl can neither comt to thee, n1r de fire to &bme, ~ut fr•m thee.IJ U NAture thAt holdr me frtJmthtt;thU trt"btrom Na0 tort favours it folf, /ovtth tbt world,hawh to thinkt •fad1fJ•I•tion ,•nJehujtth r4thtr to d~t~tO in thU dungeon rvithCintinut~O forroru andCDmplaint, thtn t~ tndNrt aparting, Al· thou;sh 11 libmy ••djoy. ~l.u,Lord, it u my mifiry that I l1vt my pai~e. How i•ng fhaU thtfeVARitits thu. ~t(ot mt?It iJ thou only that canft tornt away mint ryts [ro111 regartling the[e foUits,•nd my ht4rt frDm ajftfling thtm:thou owly,who .a thort foalt ont d•y receive my fiul i.r1 htoven,fo n•w btfort·handcanjl fix m7 fouleupon heaven •ndthtt. CHAP. XXXII. AFter Confejfion, naturally followes PttitiDN; earodlly requefring that at his E hand•, which we acknowledge our fdves unable, and none but God able to pcrforme. 0 c.rry it up thtrt{ort ,thou that hajl erwtd•nd redumtd it,<4rry it up to thy glory: oh ltt mt not aln>Ayts bt thus d•/J and bruti{h; ltt not tht{e ftalts oftarthly ajftCiion alwayes dim a~d blindmint t]ts: Oh th1u that layrdjl clay uponthebll»dr~~am tyts take away this ci•Jfr•mminttyes,whmwith {aiM) .thty art fodaubed op, that they c.n;ot (u fltavtw. ruu,.tnatt themfrom ablvt, and in thy light ltt mtfit light. oh thou th.r haft prepared. plact{lr myfoule,prrpa~e m.Y Joult f~r that plact;prtpart it ..ith holint(fe.prtpart it ..ith dtjirt :and tvtn wh;/wf•J••rntth on earth, ltt tt dwell in htavtn wirh thtt, beh•ldmg tvtr the beaury •[thy far<, tht glory ofth] Saints, andofit (elfl. L~ CHAP. ThirJly,art heJrry'W1lh of rhefoule,for wb:ttitcomplainctht~ want• 4.Anbumble Confcffion of ourdif.1b1liUe toetfectwhat wtwi!h, $· J\ncarneG: Petition for that which we confeOCtQ