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gö TheDignitie of the Scripture {hall we be able to fhift offthe like challenge from the Lord,whichis here made againh theIewes; namely; that we haueaccountedthegreatthings of Gods Laws as a Orange thing ? Firft, it is hrange to our iudgements; that appeareth _Au by our exceeding ignorance in the things of God,andby thatextreame dulneffe of conceipt which is hill to be feene in vs: Thereis fcarcely soy one thingof thofe, whichdoe.neceffarily and generally concernemen; wherein the greaten part ofour people areleffe feene, thenthe doârineof Godsword; there is no- thing which they heartfpoken of, in any company, or vponanÿoccaion, the meaning , courfe , and fcope whereof they doe Metre apprehend, then therules and precepts and iuhruelionsof the Scripture : menofyeares andgreat experi- ence, skilfoll inthe courfesof the world;wife in thereaffairesand very politike, well feenein mattersof law,ableto fpeake welland with goodaduiceabout out- ward things,a man wouldwonder tobeate their weakneffeand frmplicity in re- ligion. This fheweth that theLawof God isaf range thing toouriudgements ; there isnothing leffeknowne , there is nothing leffeconceiued. Secondly, it is Jtrange to our thoughts; Truth is, thoughts are knowneonely to God, who is the foie fourcher ofmens hearts; but yet(ifour conferencesbeeingáppealedon. to) weewill fpeake the truth as it is,I beleeue that weemuf} (whether we willot no) confeffe that our mindes are fo (ina manner)wholly taken vpwith cone- tous,ambitious,idle, wanton, reuengefultthoughts , riling outniant corrupt hearts , as from a continual! Cptiogi that thereis fcarcely any roome or time for anyprivate queltionisgsor communings with our feluesrouching the wards ofe. 1111011.6.68. ternail lifem,and thcgreatthings ofGods Law. Suchmeditations may Comedies (perhaps)knockeat the outward dooreof ourhearts,or (itmay be) finde, vpon pro..3..t5, a fitCome Codaine and luperficiall entertainment, but (alas)they arequickly va. Milted; and like aferpent upon a f one, orafhippe in the middesof'the[eea",leave no print behinde them; and by that meanes neuercome topitch withvs, or to ó Col346. daeR plenteonfly ° in our hearts. Thirdly, there is afmall acquaintance betwixt the word of God andöuraffhions: I needs layno moreto proouc itbut this, namely , that there is nothingwhich dothlooser tyre vsout, and makeour fpi- rits dulland lumpifh, then the exercics ofthe word, inwhat kindelamer. In other things weare liketotheHoeft-leaches daughters, whicheried,giae,giae,and pProu:;o,r; we arefeldome heard tofay, it is enough P: but inmattersof religion weareverie moderate; compendiousfermons, briefedilcourfes, fhort praiers, haft'medi- tations, there pleafe vsheft. Indeede, were it not forvery flame, we would haue none at all. ThusGodsword isnot to vs as belouedfriend,ofwhole Tweet ac- quaintance we could neuer beweary, but as tome vnwelcome ((ranger, who (it maybe) by importunity, getteth a nights lodging withvs,-buthisdeparture pleafeth vs better then this comming. Now fourthly,for ourtonguesandEpee- ches, let vs callto crudeourordinary conferences,at home, at worke, in iour- tneies, in meetings, in going and comming tooand from the Church, and them fay truly , whetherifour Sauiout Chrih (houldfodainlyehoppe inamongh vs ; gLukaç,tq. asheedid tofee the two difciples trauelling toEmaus, and lhould fay to vs she did to them,what mannerofcommunicationsare theft thatyehone oneto another v ? we fhould bee abletoanfwer himfor one timeof a thoLiland, that we are reue rently and foberlycommuning togetherofgood things, conferringof the things rIode.zo: 1n whide publikely wehaue beene taught, thatfo wemight bothedifieearfelues eIod.so. in our moll holyfaith', and might alloprouoke andflirte vpone another togood tMa<a67: Works , doubtlefle(as itwasfaidto Peter) our veryffbeeebworeldbewrayus,and thebarrenneffe ofour talke, would difcouer thedrieneffe and deadneffeofour hearts.But new lahty,although the wordof Goddoenowand then twangupon Come menstongues, andbe madea matter ofdifcourle andtable talke, to take aIadg.tG.a g. vpthe time, or to flewwit, or elfebe called in byCome profaneones, asSampfox was by the Philiftims,romaketbempaffime ',yet it is molt vniuerfallya Granger to