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`the Vignitie oftheScripture.. 91 tb'nent aimsand conuerfations. It ismadneffein the worldsaccountfor aman x Praiarg.zd in all things (with Denid) to make theteftimoniesofthe Lord, bis counfillouri and toSand vpon thofc (Sidandnice termesofconfcience as not toaduenture upon any thing , but that whichhee'may warrant vetohis owne Conic thereby. Shall it not hinder myprofite ? will it benoblemifhtomyreputation, may I thereby further filch and fuchpurpofes ? are they any examplesofinenofCome noteaddfaihion inthe:world,running the famecourfes i Here is the ordinary re. ligionoftheworld;:bur as for layingthe precepts oftheword as preciferoles for theordering ofall ourwayes,and the guidingofourhuesin theLords path it isa. thing Co ridiculous,andvnreaConableincommon iudgement,and through difeon. tinuance inthefe cuül timesCo out ofvfc,that when as the word challengeththat right ofgoaeruing vswhich rhe Lordhathgiuen namedfoorthwith(fofirange a thing it is veto then, tobeare the yoke)füuffe,andare notafraide toexpoffu. late with it,as the Sodomites did with Lot , (hall it, beeingagranger, judgearod rule over y$Y? ThusI haue byparticularsconfirmedthispoint, that weeare as delerued liable to this reproofe,as the Iewes were.The Lord wrote unto then; Y Geñet9S> the greet thingsof hisLawgfo he bathdoneto vs; they accountedthem asafjrange thing, wee arevery eeuail to them in contempt: , Now-for thelait point propounded . namely ; thevfe ofall that bath been fayd,it stall needes be this: That feting to account thegreat things ofGods law Of, ass ( frange rising : is,firft,a fault;fecondly,a grieuousfaul ,thirdly; a fault liable to fo exereame punishment; and fourthly,our fault : their is no remedie (vnletfe bya balde perusing in an apparent mill weewill preuokeGod) butwee muff henceforth give all diligence,th'at the wordof Godmay be no more a firanger votevs, but adweller with vs, and maybecome familiar vnro vs. That thisis a untie fromwhich no man isexempted,.the Scriptureis manifel, in which (if the wholebodyofit throughout be examined)there is no releafement ord& ben. f tion glues esto any,to negleathe (earthingofGodsbooke;neyther was ite. gain fia uer maintained by anydo&nine; buclaydo&riot ofPopery ,thatordinary men $sß.5 ". need not leckt tobemade acquainted with the Scripture. We reade that when the Phi6(tins had the Ifraetites inbondage,one policietokeepethem vnder. and to decant them in prepetuall thraldomc,.wasthis; they lefe,thein neuer a; Smith throughout all theLand,and.what wastheir reafon ?Left (laidthey) rise Fdebres'es ms!je thermfwords andffeareí'. If theyCookeaway their weaponsfrom them, it was ais eafie thing to oppreffe them. Thevery like poticie wasvied i t r aSarriti± the dayesof Popery to theend to continue the people inblindnelfe, thatthey 19' might not defcry the abhomination of that religion, by the light ofthe Scrip ture. They rooke the Bible from them,and flue itvp in ColledgesandLibra- ries, and Coffered itnot to infra, butin.aianguage which the Vulgarvndecingo3, not. And as in that bondageoftheIfraelitesender thePbiliflims,no man could fharpen his mattocke, hisaxe,and his weeding hooke, but they mull bee behnl¡, ding to the Phitiftims, and rake ofthem Cuch helpe,as they would vouchsafe to; affoord:theem?;So in. thedayesofpopilhblindnelfe, nocommon man wantipg Ve:Gt6, the halpes oflearning and knowledge in the tongues,could enjoy the beneUcof any foirithal lharpening,any comfort for hisCoale, but as it pleaCed thole tyrants over Gods heritage to bellow. vponthem. Sothat the contempt ofthe Scrip. tines ofGod (which is the common fickneffeofthecountrey)isnought elfe, but a very diegge of Poperie; Ignorancehoeing the fsepterof thatkinggdomes and the reaCons which euen the moft learned Papi ftsalledge for the dilchatging' of theLaity,from the conuerfing with the Scripture,beeiagthe very famewhich curry.profane ignorant perCon,is able by the private teachingofhisowne cor- ruptbrate, topleade os thebehaueofhisownecarelefneflh. Welt the(cope of this place(which isapart of that holy truthbywhich weemuft bee.iudged at, the late day) requirethatour handsbetter things:andifwebeany whit ashamed 9f