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TheDagnitie oftheScripture. of our former negleft,and thinkc our feluesbound in confcience,togrow into a farther degree offamiliaritie with the wordofGod,thevfing ofthefehelps (hall bea greatfurtherance. An humble fettingour felues to fchoole to thepublikeminllerie. In Chriff t arehid as the treafxresof ivy-dome andksoWledge b; and in thefound and fincere 3.Helpsio preachingoftheword,thereis lain) fetoutvntovsthever m fter of Chrift. make tht P g pl ly very y y Scriptgro fa- To this courfe is the blefsingpromifed,that it (hallfacethem thatbeloeue ; efpe- mihar tovs. cially when it isyeelded towith humility,and withaholy difclayming ofamans b Colaa. owne feemingwifedome. For the Lordwilgtlidethe meekeiniadgement, andteach d PGIsç.9 the (Iambic hisway, yea hisvery fecret is resealedonto fuch4, accordin 2 ason the ,4. contrary bee cateheth the wifein their atonecraftisefe °, and maketh them become e a.Cor.;a9, fentes t, when they profeffe the greaten wifedome. Ifwewould then grow into £Rom,t.sa. more and more acquaintance with theScripture,wemull weareout the threlhold of the Lords houfe , and watchdaily at hisgates, andginsattendanceat thepolies 0.0.33. of his dtoresg. For,if thou-naafi thine cares tohearkenafter wifedome,and encline hPtoussf. thine heart:thenfhalt then vmderflandthefeareof the Lord,andfinde the@mooledgeof God h. If in ourafféaions and care webe íirangers to publrke teaching,we may perhapshaue ComeCmattering andfuperficiall knowledge,but can neuerhaue any true tallofthe marrow and fweetnesofthe Scripture. Secondly,príuateexercife a namely firft,an aduifed,intentiue,andwell prepared reading(ifwee be able)or a hearing othersrende. This tubs vpthe memorreofthings heardpublikely, con- firmes the judgement, makes fie todepend opon the Church infiruftion, and inureth to the Phrafe and language oftheScripture : fecondly, a bulkand fïcret meditating and exercifing the thoughts about filch things as weehaue receiued. Thisdoth(as theApoltle fpeakes)deliser,and(andaskwere)caf vs intothefares Rom.8,t7. and mouldof deflrine which wee heare i, and feafoneth the inner man, eues the AFph4.z;, fp itoftheneinde(k),withthatholytruth which wehaue learned:thirdly,arcue- rentanddifcreet conference touching heauenly things as occafion falleth, tome. IMatk,4 no, time withour minilteri, fometimes without neighbours a, fometimes at home m Hob.;.i . with our families 0, fometimes abroad then.°, we walkby the way°. Thisisa 10.14 notable quickening for our (clues, andagreat helpe toothers; The lippes gale a .r. Oft owled gaud eedeman P. ó Lek :4 t;. f the g f y y4 At leaR fomeofthefeprivateexercifeslhoulddailybePerformed :formi. P Prooas.7 ferable is that man, who forone whole day together, dothneytherbufrehis- *'t0u0 4, tongue, nor employ his thoughts,nor apply hiscaresto formeholyvie, toheare, or talke, or mufe about fomething bywhich heemay be built vp in Chrilì Telus. 3 Thirdly, carefullandRedfaft pra&de proceeding from a refolutp vow and asit werea rolemne-oath takenbetwixt God and mans owne foule,te keepe theLords }'Plal.tig.ver rl hteoss ixd emems,andto hone repel to all hiscommandments q;Vfe in all things i°6' breeds cannig,and hewhich makes it his careto putin execution filchgooddu. tiffs as hehearethtaught ,prayingthe Lord tosfteblij1 hissin emery Wordandgood éimTheths.17 w rke°,will in time grow foperfctit,in good things,that he (halleven witha kind 116J;*. ofpleafure( fortheLordsyelieissafer) welkinthelawoftheLordaneuerbeing PtMsha1. ;o lg idle nor vnfruitfnl inthe kaowl edgeofCbrift' , but adorniagtbedotlriseofGodoar ó Ptg.q x a.Pet.r.a. Saslow in al thiagtr. The confcionablepra&ifsof theft duties(hallby thebid - y ringofGod: reforme ourcommon faultofbeing firangersinGods hooke,and (hall bymaking Chrils érerddwell Withvs, fitsandmake vsready todwellwith him forever inhiskingdoms. THE