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ILIZILatENE. THE, ABRIDGEMENT OF THE GOSPEL. The firfPart; and the firftSermon, Luke i. verle. 67. &e. 7-henhis fatherZachariasWarfilledwith the HolyGbMI, andprophefied,ayitig: Blwedbe theLordGod of/frocl, &c. N tisis patfage offpeech, inwhich the hymneofZorharit The generad is reported,two things areto be confidcred :firft,thepre- díaifiohof face toit: fecondly, the hymneit felfe. In theprefacea- rhe *hate gaine,there are two pointsobferued;fir4,tbefpeciallena- bling of7,acberie to thisbufrnetfe: fecondly, the gene- r rali nature of the thing performed. The enablingofZa. cherie,is intheft words, fieWasfilledwits the HolyGheft, By [the HolyGheff]we muttnot here vnderitand the very effence and deitie of the third person inTrinitie, but thegiftsand graces of the Holie Ghost , according as theword is often fo taken in theScripture.. o Iob.3.34. By beeingfhled withe'he holygjhofi, wee mutt not imagine, that erhorïe till thin Iob.5'.39 time was destitute ofthe gracesof theSpirit, but this is the meaning, that at R9m89. this time, and upon this occaGón, a more large and plentiful, meafure ofthe graces of Gods Spirit appeared inhim. In thiswemay obferue, that tacharie afflifted formerly with the dnmbuetleofmanymoaeths, bathnotonely the li- bertie ofhis fpeech rellored, but beeingendowed witha fuller portionof Gods graces, his tongue is made the infìrument of theHoly Ghoti, in uttering a mat- ter ofextraordinary confequence. Fromwhence wee maycolleâ thisdoetrine: The i.delL That the comforts which God heapeth epos hi affliEted feruantndoe come in with akind of advantage t there isnot onely a remoouingof theaffliflion, but a bellowingwithal, of Conte fpeciall kindnelfe. Zacharie isnot only now, not dumbe, but (which is more) is inabled byanextraordinarie meafure offpiritu- all gifts , euenMan admirablemanner, mkt forth the whole myfterie ofthe re- demptionofmankind. We metre with like examples in holy Writ.Great was the afflietiou oflofegh, He wasfelde for affaue,tbey held hisfeete inthe ffeekes, and be Wat hiedin you b. But when the Lordhad thorowly tried him,as fluster istri- b Patin: ed, in the furnace ofa longand greetious aflliCtion, he wasnot barely enlarged, tr,.l, butwithall, aduanced to a placeofgreat refpeet ; The KingmadehimLordofhie heafe c,Cye. Motes his trial] is atlargefet downe inthe lory 4, his feare,hisflight cVerfat. and his long feruice Midian ; but when Gods appointed time came, bee not d scud.a.rf only reamed him to the fellowtbip of his owne country-men, butmadehim Stc, the guide andcaptaineof his people, fo thathe neuer wrought greaterthings by the hand ofany aterreman, then bee did by thehandofMofes. Notorious is theHilorieoflob, how hee was tormentedin perfon, andwalled in eltate: but when the Lord turned hiecaptiaity, he,ffaue him twicefe ucb at be badbefore o, and e bladhiaWiedajesmore tiaraehefrf r. To thisagreeeh thatofDanid,whofaith wakes, 1 3 that 97