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9& The eifbridgement ofthe Cj f el. that the Lord dir! `not onely bring him oat of thehorriblepit, but alto fit hitfrets g Pr Lço. z, `upon a rocke,andorderedMagoings a. And that ofthe affli&ed people isof like na- ture ; After twodayes (Cay they) he will reaiaevs: that is not all,but,inthe thirdday h flot6.e. he will rage vp, and wefballhue inhis fight!'. Hee would nor onely pull backe hishand and forbeare to Guise (which yet had beene much) but he wouldcome asa skilfull andtender heartedSurgeon, tolappe vp their fores,ro powre oyle in- to.their wounds, tagiae hem&aatyfortree', thegarmentofgledneßefor the fb{rit í lfa,6r,;. ofbeag:neß t neythe$fOuld heealonehi fame littlemeafure reuiue and quic- kenthem, buthëwouldgluethat Irge racemeoffirength that theyfhouldare in hisfight. They which lent weeping, not onely reternewith ioy,but they doe k Pfal.tt6.C. ouer andaboutbring theirßieaaes with them k. The reafon ofthe LordsCodealing proceeds;firfl,from his mercy : He know- lP(I,ro;,,4. cob Whereofwe berucado (Tabla Deesid)hh eèmetrsbrsrbthat Webe boat ¿soft 'utherefore left his affli&ed feruants fhouldbeeCwallowedvp with heauineffe, and meno- outcome with dilcouragemene, bee doeth not onlywithdrawhis hand ofcha- ftifement, but bee addeth fome fpeciall mercy, to the end that they may bee cOmfortably alfared , that whadoeuer was done; was done toprepare them for agreater kindeneffe , Secondly , it proceedeth from hisWifedome : her know- eththat nonedó valew his kindneffes more, or are fitter toemploythem ro their owne good and the good ofothers, then thofe that haue beene mollhumbled by afflí&ionst according as noground is loft toreceiue feede, roen witha lull hand, as that which bath beene moo tornewith theplough, and beaten (Mal- left with the labour of thehusbandman: For this caulèGod is wont tomake rea- dy his feruants for great gracesby great croffes. affli&ion is his fchoole, in which he trains themvp far the bellpurpofes. The Thisdodtine is full ofcomfort toall,who being ender. the croffein what kinde foeuer, doe lookevp to the handwhich fmiteth, and feeke toprofice by tribula. tion. The Lords yoke is vnpleafing to flefh and blood, and hischafliCements like bitter pilles which cannot goe dowse without muchannoyance tothe fro- macke ; but if thou wilt haue trueColidecomfort, looke not fo muchupon the mHcb.uar. prefene grieuance, as upon the quietfrair ofRigbreoofnefo s which will Cutely fol- low : and take it forstolewhich never faileth, that thecroffe (ifcarebeehad to profite thereby)neuer departsbut it leaueth ablefsing behinde :God giuesfome fpeciall fauour or other in lieuofthe formerbutthen. Zachary, wWI' hadbeene dumbetennemoneths, notonely fpeakes,but beeing furnifhed with a large por tion of newgrace, he Cpeakes more heauenly than before. Learnt thus tobee humbled with Zaebarie,and loe,thus thou fhalt be comforted. 7loárinea. Secondly, from hence we aretaught anotherdo&rive; That .thrifewhomgod sntendetb to employ inany flreeiallferuice, hefarni/beth withgiftsfareble turbo nature ofthe bn/iniJe, in which he will employthem. Zacharie isappointed to prophetic : the bulfneffe isweighty,thereforeheeisfilledwith theholy Ghofl,thachemaybee able to perforase it. This may bee made plaine by many particulars : The Lord meant tofend Mofetupon a feruice ofgreat conlequence. I willfend thee to Pba- n exod.3,m, rani,° &v. Mofesbeing guiltyofhis owne infirmity, wasafraide tovndergoe it: o Exod.4ao, OhmyLord,Iam notelogrout'.&c.: The Lord fupplyethhis want : Goa nore,and p Votte re. I willbe with thy mouthP, el-c. Ifaiah beinga vifionin the prefenceofGod, and confldering the natureof the feruice to which hewas called, cryedout, Woe isme, glfa.ó.t- for lam endorse%, &c. After this oneof theSeraphimstouching hismouth with a coale from the Altar,and the Prophet was thereupon fo fenftble ofthe fupply ofgrace, that he was as ready togoe asthe Lordwas toemploy him t Here am r Verte 8. 1. findmet. Thefame is to beefeene in Jeremy . God calling him, bee beganne to complaise of his infufficiencie; O Lord,behold ¡cannotffeaae,for lamachilde r. Well,the Lord tookeaway his feare,by befiowing a competencieofgifts;Bebole1 e Verdi g. Ibaaepat my words in ob,month %TouchingEzecbìel, as there is mention madeof Gods