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The e fbridgement ofthe 9 f eí`. 101' which mooned him to bringthem into Canaan ; it is his freegrace for whichhe vouchfafeth to aduance vs to heaucn. Whenmention is made ofthe courteand order of our faluation, there and the like fpeeches fill come in : So sadlowed the .: warldb,thegoodpleafureofhis wi¢t,freely byhisgraeea :notbythe inerkeofrigh- brob.;.r6. teeirfn ffe whichveelhaddone, bat according: ha not tI,at we1oidGad, bar cEf'l''5' that he !awed vt r, -Who barbgiuen unto Mr Pit e,.? Thefe fpeeches agree with the Rom. ;.z4. éTt. ;.S. master of fpeech here vfed,and doe Thewplainly that there wasnothing in man i ntoh ç.,ó. tomooue theLord toreachouthis arme ofdeliuerance ; all proceededfrom the gRom,11.3 g abfolate and vndeferued freedoneof hisgrace. Many things there were in man to prouoke-God in, his iunice finally to forfake him nothing whichmight in- duce hi:n to.fhew the leaf/ degreeoffavour. Befides that, this doth ouerrhrowall Papiih opinionofmerit, and (which in j j* the maine end ofail (feesone the grace and mercyofGodto the full ; it rental] to quicken ín,vs that dutyof the efulnelr:, of which we heard before , and which Z+chary did heere proform>a. A great blefsing requireth great thankes, but the freer the biefsirg is, the greater Ibenid the thankfulveil'ebe, aftllmyfa. shirr baufe(faid Mephibsjlreth to7)aaid)Were but deadmenbeforemy Lord the icing, yet drift clam fit thy[ttruant among them Whichdid eateat thine atoneTable'i The h2 ram,tg. letta s hI rt he found in himfelle, the moredeeplydid hee hold himflfebound Zs untoDauid: fo that when we Tooke vponthe grearnes of thebiefsingson the one ftde,(namely,lifeeternal!,and a kingdome whichcannot befinken) and then the fnalneffaof ourown del, rt on the other fide,who werebut dead men before the Lords even dead in trefpaf ioand Pnne i, we may well laywith Daoid, whatfhal/ n ht.t, We render onto the Lord' ? This limn needes condemne our carnali mindednefic:, ki'aal.n¿1i( fame things doe fometimes fall from vs, byway ofthankfulrelle for outward things,as health, peace, fealonableweather, andfilch like: but the greaten bier- fing,the chiefell favour,& towhich ofall otherwe can lay leafi claime,is fearfe- lyonce made mention of:BleffedbeGod that barb vifited am when we were deadin film; thanker be to Godfor bis formeChrifl lefay. Howare We bound ¡obis maiefly, who bathfirmedvs hismercy, to raceme vs. It is a rare thing to beate of filch a IPhfl.;,se. fpeech. It lisewes that we mmdc onelyearthly things 1. Corne andwine,a feil bar. ket,and a full barn, there things win affect vs;but the Lords mercifull vifrtation inhis Sonne Chritl, inpullingvs outof the iawesofSathan, cannotmoouevs: It is a fearful! figne, euenthat we are enthralled varo Sathan, and the very bond of iniquity !LFor didwefreeeand apprehend our ovinedelert,to beeternally for- m Ae s z ; farce, and theriches ofGods mercy inviliring vs with his faluatioe, our fpirites would he l'o rauilhed therewith, thacall other thingswould theme vile and bale in comparifouof this one. Than much forthe fountainsof this great worke, which feruerhnotably to beate dowseMerite,and to flirrevp thankfulneffe. The generali nature of the benefiteis let dowse in this word [Redeemed] To redeem, is(as we kuow)to bity..out:thevery word inthe common vfage ofit pre- funpofethabondage and ctptiuity.Whereupon haft occafionisglaemvsrocon- Do{f.3, frd, that miferableferaitude ia'which bynature we areall. Thisfowirrrde in laid to bt vnder the power of.darben fen, thatis,vnderthepoweroffpirituallenemies, ntorr.r which are three` firti,fient; fccondly, death; thirdly, the deuill.:Sinnemakes vs fubicE{ vetodeath :for thewages of limit is death'. Deathbringeth vs into the o Rom. 473o full and abfolutepowerof thediuell: That wee are naturally fentonestofinne, it is plaine by the Apathiescomplaint ;!am tonsil, folde vnderfinne P. Itisa true P Rom.7.74, rule, To whomfBaer wegleeour [elms as eruantr toobey, his eruants Weare a: and q RoreA.r6. g i l I rroh.a.;g. whafaeaér committedfinne, is theferuantaffnne: Now is is apparent, thatnatural- lyWe obeypine incise faits thereof:and,girie oarmembersas Weapons ofvnrighteoufned vino iet,euerymember hath histaskein the feruiceoflinos the Apofllefhewesr; 1Äom,ó.rz; and whereas Baues and bondmendoe theirferuices and bare offices grudgingly :3* and difcontentedly, wee doe the bufneffeoffnne,willingly,teadily, and ioy- &c. K fully.