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104. Theeflbridgementofthe 9ofel. be thruftout at the dayof feparation. They be Gods peeulier peopleor,ely to whom:tliefe thingsappertain. Looke to it , be fore thou atone ofGode peo- ple ; otherw3le,when mention iswade of the thingswhichconçerneeternaIIlife, flayto theeas Peter clicltoSimon Magus , Thou he neither part norffRówJhipi,i hAO. s. ex. this buf,nerf'.But how ihalI know(w.ilt thou fey)that lainone ofGods people? I will tell thee plainly : how is aman known to beon' ofthe kings ftubie&s ? one (as wefay)ofthe kings l ge people? Euenbythis thisobediencetothewhole- forrelawesofthe kingdome. Sointhis hdy obedience is thesatke andbad'e ;loh.ro.:7. ofGodspeople :71}Íyfiecpehcaremÿvoiee . Teareìnyfriend4fjori doe tbbktfoexer klob. 14..4. I cemmandyonkit is net the twanglingofreligion vpon the tongue, .but the pra- &ifeof holineffe inthe life,which!heweth a man tobe a Chriflian Goyspew 1Th.z. 14, people are zealaus ofgoodwakes'. To this therefore wee are nowcome e a,'cul_ deftthen be lure that the treasures of happineffe whichare bored vpir Gíirift, belong to thee ? enquire intothy felfe whether thoubee one of Gods p>d lee Remember howGodspeople aredifcerned, Theyheave myvoice, faithours>xti- our. If Chrifls voice in his word benot caenmnliicke in thy eaves, }rasa"eeur mPIL,9.,o. then hors and the holy combo"', dearer thinthoufands fgaldandfilmy ", the icy and n Pfa 119.52. reio)cirg nfthy heart's If thefruitsofholn,effe appeare not in thy life,bntrather sier,rç.iS. thevnfuitefsllwarkerofdarieneffeitthofe works!: of thefrjh which Saint PoolIpea. eph.ç.u' kethof n; thou art none ofGodspeople, nomubiect tohis Kingdome, but a very 9 rebell and traitour to his Maiefty; and when thou thinkeft tothruft in aìrpng o FtaLies. q, Saints," toenioy thefulicitie ofhis chofen', thou lbait heart that heavy lenience paffe vpon thee and filch as thouart ; Thafe mine enemies, which wouldnor that f {Lek.19,x7. fbouldreign osier them, bring hither andflay thembeforemee. Nowweare cometo thewor ke itfelfe,wheie many things come inorder to be touched:Firft,thefountaine and beginning thereof, [Hehath vft ed.] Secondly, the general' natureof thewerke it felfe, [Redeemea.] Thirdr}s themeans ofit, [Andbathrailed Ili the horse, &t. Fourthly, the eutdettceof it t thereftimorie of the Prophets, in whom the covenant ofgrace, andthe oathof God to n4bra- loam areat large recorded [,4s he #atte by theMouth, &e.] 'FOP , theend of it Erhatwe being deliuered,&c ]Ofthese fhallbe fpoken inorder. The beginning & fountaine of ali,isGodsvifitation;[ldi bath vifted.] There is a twofold vifitingafcribed toGoal:inScripture : one ofdifpleafure In the day t txo13z:l4, ofmyviftationlWill vft theirfnscoponthem ',TheLord commethoutofhie place utiaio,,,. tovàfitthefinof the inhabitants ofthe earth".Theariserisofinercy;TheLordvififed x Gea.z t.r. Sarah ache hadraid', that is, bee performed the good whichhe had prom tied. y 1,Pet, x,12 In this fenfe, the day of ones conuerfroniscalled, the dayofvifitation r : So then here ; God bathvfted, thatis, he hath graciouffy and meecifttlly looked vpon his people, hehath feene and beheldwith apittifnll eye the miseryand bondage ofhis chore:), and he isnow, as it were, comeamongf mento {hew them kinde- neffe. This viftingon Gods part hauing this fignification; andbeing heereput Doll. x, in the f/eli rauhe, is thegronodand fptingof all whichfohlöwetls; and it affords vsthis do& vine:Thatehekiindneffe andmercy ,andfreegrace of God, isshe beginning andfountaineofall thofeegood things which doe concerne eternal life. Confider the place t Many thingsare here fpokéwof redemption : ofa Horneoffaluatien;ofa Covenant andoathofgrace t But whence proceed all thefe,butfroin the Colemer-, cyofGodt men from his gracious di/potation tovifrre his people? Where vi- ñting is, there isprefuppofed averywofullestate : Peteyonyondercurfedwoman; u zKing.9 laid lehoof/tube!, meaning to refpe& her above herdefert'e.' it is eafre to thew 34' ouroftheScripture,how the lnue,mercy ,and grace of Godale noted , as the be- ginningofthofe thingswhichconcern faluation. TheLord (faithMoses to the olde Ifraelite)didwisesbis lose:vponyammer chufeyou, beeaufryewere moe insum- aDeut.7.7,8, her then anypeople,&e. but becaufethe Lordlosedyou,'ide. Now thepeople of If rael wereatipeofGods.peoplc: Canaan a ripeófbeauentit was Gods freeelone