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ofth,feuerall Sermons. 3 The Lord willfurely reward theft, whichfaithfully labour in hitfernke. p. 397. 4 There bacertaintieen Gods iuflice, notwithßanding the longcoeetinnnceofhis patience, p. 401. The Marriage-Blefsing. Serr. I. upon Roth. 4. a,11. Do C TRINES. i . The f r%f entrance into the married&State, atoll befeafonedandfanaifiedbypray. er vnto God , p 404. a. ()Marriage hringeth with it a rreeffitieofcohabitation, p. 406. 3 Thefaithfednefe of the Wife is to be recbsteed asa bleffing , andcraned ofGodas afauour, p.40ß. 4 The de/lire ofhooting childrenmoo/I ryrne attIse encreajingofGoda Church, p. 409. 5 Thewife moll be readyeoyeeldes the boos Itond inalllawfooll things, p. 410. 6 It is the biding of ehe married to hasefoesecertaineceurfe of¡efe,Whereinto bee doing, p. 412. 7 Noman lothWorthy, hot only he that doch religionfly, p. 411. 8 The foundationoftrite famoufneffe is well - doing, p.413 ç eft Chrißian muß make confcience there eftecially to be profitable,and tedoegood Where the Lordhathfeatedhim, p. 414. The Old-man and New-man. Seem. a.voonloh.3 6. DOCTRINES. e C.Slanby nature of himfelfekath nothing in himbot corruption, p. 417. z The Spirit of God is the Author andWorkerofthat New-birth, without which nonecan befaxed, p. 4z 5. 3 EeoeryRegenerate man byvertus oftheNew-birth is offit mall mate, p. 425. The remedie of. Securilie Serra. 1. vponfatn.4.g. D O C T R I N E S . t The commonioyei ortheWerld, whichiseitherinwickedthings ,orelfeinthiego(in there owne nature tolerable) aftera wicked manner, ought byall means to bee redfrained, p.4so. z The difhononrofGodbyfrene mug vnfainedlybe lamentedfor, p. 434. The ruineof Gods enemies. Serra. I. open lxdg.5.13. DOCT RIN RS. I The enemies of God, andofbis Church, ofwhatfortfoeuer they be, cumintheir greate/f iollitie fhall receive a wound anda rome paß recoeserie e in the whole Sermon at large, p.441. Theworldlingsdownefall. Serm.r.oponPfal.49.rn. Do CTR INS. S. I It is poffeble for aman that bath inhim nogoodneffe, yetfora time to tbriuc and proffer on theearth, p.450. 2 The: prefjseritie of the wicked, albeit for the prefent it lemony timesgreat, yetit never it perpetnall, p.451. Hethat bath liocd1je awretch, inthe endJholldielides a beta/I, p.453 Thu