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The Thles,Texts,KndDcFfrines, c. The WifemansVerdit, x.Sermon vpon lion. 14.32. DO C TR IN ES. Í Aman hatingtolls reformed,andgoing onobffinately in toil , !hall be callofand forfakènofGodinthis life, in death,and bathe day ofjudgement, p.457. 2 Aman iuflifiedbefore Godthrough Chriflyandglum esptotheferuiceef God inks. linefeaneerigbteonfnrffi,hitl afÒendand condufesn¡hallbecomfortable. p. 444. The Bridegroome. 1. Serin. vpon atih.5.15. DOCTRINES. I Inchufmgofa/yonfe there °night to be snore reffetî to inward goedneffi then to ont. Ward goods, p. 468. 2 TheBridegrooms Lone to his beloved, ought toextendandreach asferre as any p aecefftie on her allrequire afupply,. p. 470. . 3 TheHusbands lone tobis Wife mullbee continuedinWithfledfaflnef to the End P. 471 4 Tbere is a lasefulnegi ofmewl!Reioycing at marriagefolemnities, p. 472. The truegroundof the ioyof Gods people is and might to be theprefence of Chriff lets, P.473. 6 It is the Wifedomeof G.ds children, in thedales of their rejoicingand Whenthey bane moll comfort by the prefenceof the Bridegrootnt, to think! vpon, and tomake pronifionforachange, p.474. The Dignitieof Preaching, 1. Seem. vpon i.Thef. .. 5.2o. DOCT RIN E S. i Theexercifeofpreaching o ieghttoreceiue from vtall efleeme. p. 578. The fpirituall mans Taske. s. Seren. vpon iThef . 5.19. DO C T RI N E S. I That it is Fallibleforaman booingthe Spirit ofGod toknow that bebath receised it. P. 596. 2 That itis neceffarie foe Ioien,t loot thitokes ht kath the Spirit of God, to take heedeof ysermbingie. p 6o5. Acaucat and a comfort forbeleeuers. 2. Sermon' vponLsli. 22. 31, 32 DO C T R I N E S. I Thatit is the earttefi deflee and prat-liftof the disell, to bee as preiudicial and as htrrtftoll ashepofuly can vntethofeWhiebbans beleeuedthroughgrace. p. 613. 2 Thetal thepraílife .randendeauourtof Sathan arenotable tooaertbrow thefaithof Godschofen, p.623. The SpirituailFifhing. T. Serm. vponLeols,e 5. i o: DOCTRINES. I Theflute of the world is as the Sea, p. 639. 2 Tbtflateof the Chorchin ehe world is like the/late ofa/hip n'ponthe Sea, p,641, 3 We arealbynateoreinthe pieofeondemnaion. p.643. 4 The Miniflerscalling is not needlefebat ofgreatneceffitieto winfades, p. 644. f The Monoferscalling, isnonetdlefe calling , bat a cedingof labour andgreat me. ployenent, p. 645. 6 The net inVblebmenmu, betalten,istbepreachingof theGafpet, p, 645. T HE