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The elkidgementoftheÇ f el. And whereas all kingdomshaue their ends, 'and the greatenprinces die as man, t isf itz7 andfail its others r; his Tbranc isfor everandever.. ii-ib. s.$. This teacheth men ofbirthand blood, not to nand toomuchvpon their poi The rote, degrees and anceltors, as though nobilitie !bodeprincipally in this, that mania borne ofman ; If theyeff& the true nobility , theytuna labourtobe the chil- dren of Godby regeneration inChrift. This is the beftornamentofblood : nóÿ ble birth without newbirth in Chrift, isbut an earthly vanity. Thoughaman bee able to (hew neuer fo gloriousa line ofprogenitours, yet ifhebenot a re- pestant inner, bee isbut baleand vile in the fight ofGod. Tobec by faith is_ graffd into Chrift , is the truehonour, this doth inset a man into that royal- ty, which is in the perfon of Chrift , and maketh himboth tobean heire of the earth,and tohaue a titleofinheritance intobeano: The g:do- The third obferuation hence ftandeth thus : That whereas Chrilt, albeitof Urine. Dsuids ftocke , and heire apparant tothe Crown; came notwithflanding when the outward gloryof thekingdome was utterly gone, therefore Thekingdomeof IO.r $, ;6. thrift isnoearthly kingdome. My kingdome(faith he himfelfe to`l'ilate)isnot ofthis . y loh,b.,ç. world.. Hereupon was his withdrawing, when the people fougbt him totnakg aLuk. to3. biro Kingï, and his refufal l whenhe wasrequefed ,todeterminea cafeofinheri. b alarh:zo.zS ranee between two brethren', andhischargeto hisApoilles, sotto beeas the a6. Lord of the Gentilesb. Itis oneoftheleweserrourstbthinkeotherwife,and his Dilciples were long carried away with that conceit ;forenes at the point ofhis afcenlion, they propoundedhim aquefion that way : Lord, wilt thouer this time eAft: r.si. reffore the b,ingdome to Ifreel 4ButChrift came purpofely when the Scepterwoo Gen.gy,ta, departed from Iodaisa,tothew that becametoeffe&afpiritualldeliuerance,and notto ere& anoutward Rate. This warneth vsnot to affe&orembrace the profefsionofChrifianity, asa ThgYje. condition ofoutwardgreatneffe. OurSaviour muff notbee followed as a great Lord , grant vs leales, and larmes', and good preferment inthe world: there things mull nor beexpeaed:Wemufffollow him rather asonecontemend, sa Tf3: the reproach ofthe world, es awanfat offorrawes'. When Zeliedens formes (dreaming of an outward (tare) werefuitersto Chrift tohave Comeplace ofre. fpe& about him: Chriliprefenely (toputthat conceit ourofeheirIseads) tolde EMath,o.zm, them ofdrinking ofthecop which beWast,drinkoff,thatis,ofpartakingwith him to his affli&ion ; Ilsewing how muchthey are deceiued which looke for worldly advancement by his fermce. Trueit is, hee is able tobellow outward honours Ptl.zga. upon hisfollowers, (for Theearth ishis,andat thatthereinis e,) and he doth of- ten all(' givethem to thofe that feare him tButyet theymuf notbe heldasmat- ters annexed to the Rate ofaChrifian, as thoughcurry one that baththem i wereby and by a goodChriltian, andhe whichhath them notwheretobe repu ted asno good feruantonto ChrifFor,thefatneJofthe earth wasgiaenat well to' lGçn.37.t9. Efau at ro Iacobh,and it ispolaibleforthebeggar tobe carried by AngeRs inca tLu&,16áá. Abrahams bofowe when the foule ofthe rich man iscondemned robell'. So that s3. thisis thethingwe are taúght, that feeingChrift, althoughhebeaKing,yetisno earthly king ; therefore we betakingour feluestothe feruiceandprofefsionof, his name , fhouldnot makeoutwardprofperity, and worldly things , the endof our hope, lefl(lo doing)we runne into oneofthere two extremities ; eytherif weehaúeit not,togrow difcouraged,and to be wearyofourprofefsion; orifwe haue it,toprelmne,that weare thereforehighly in Gods favour. TfilG.do- The fourth point notedhence is thine net onwardgreetnefeisofatovalisefor fpiriraall trier. Chrift was railed to doe thisgreat worke,and tobee theHorneof faluation, outof thepoore outwardeffaceofDauids houle : Nowiffor thefpiri_ tuall vie, any outward greatneffehad beetlebehoonefull, Chrift wouldhauecho- res armme whenDavid: bode was in thehighetf glory, andnot haue come now when the honour ofit lay turn lathedull:and thiswastheeealon why allthings were