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Thevibl'idgementifthe ÿ f el. b*_ willbtea ke.ihpaces like apottersveal!. We arc now come to theCecond point, the placewhere this Horneof[ablation is tided vp; in"tbe haute fhir ferment Dauid. That we may make thebeft vfeof this place , we mutt confider in what (fate Druids hautewas then when j chary ondired this hymne. The hauteofDauid was the lockeroyall, and to his lawful heires belonged the Crowne ofJudah ; but,at this time , Dauids kingdome was decayed the glory of it was dimmed and defaced, thegotíernement and foue_ raigntie was fallen to Mangers ; the next heire, as the right ofhis Cuccefsionwas not ordinarily and vniuerfally knowne, fo he lined in poore eflate : lofphwas become a Carpenter. Out ofthis decaied familyofDauid, was this Horne offal- zisfaltyz.t? when railed: itdid bud z cue ofthis dead flock,euen as a root out ofa drygraunda. a Ifoyßt Thus at once were ioyned in Chrifls perfon, nobility , and peuerty. Nobility in regard of birth (he was ofDamide Roche :) pouerty inrefpeaofhis prelente- Aate, the glory and pompeofthe kingdome being quite ouer throwue. Out of, thís,foure profitable points are tobe°V-Cerued. The firit is : That that Chriid in whame weebeleeue,ie the veryfame whichwaste Thé dff. come into the world, and & elides whommother is to be lookedfor.The Scripture had 3 foretolde thathe wouldbe the tonneof Dauid, and rife outofhis Aock.The Lord pathfworne in truthunto Dauid,und he willnot fhrinkefrom itlaying; Ofthefruit of thyholy will lft upon thy thrane'a. Hefhallfit spun the throne ofDauid c.1willrai/e genre Dauida ri?hteous branch's. As it is deem in theolde Tcftamenr,thatthe bFfl,t ;z,cs c NY .7, c(sias (hou:d be made offer Cerde of according to the thenew Jicrem :; , Teftan:ent euidently Atewed how the fame was fulfilled in Chrift:for thiscaufe the Eoangelifls doe labour to :Hake manìfell the difcentoflefephandorwucrie fromDaoid. Mathew°makethitplaine,hownotwithfandingthemessecffate eMseh,r. which lòfephwas fallen into, yet the right ofthekingdome relied inhim Luke, f ChaP3. hewed how Marywas naturallydefcended outofDauidsloines.Butwarthew and Luke ioync in Zarobabel; and from him. derise the line bothoflafephand gMa,h,r,r3. Marie; oflafephby Ibiudt,ofi'7larieby l:hefa"`.Sothat our Sauionr,byjifa. bLahr.; z7, ry was borneof Dareid,by 'of-0was nest heire to the Crowne:Foralthough he came not of Jsfephaccording to thelink, yetbeeingthe sent ofhiskinne, and Iofephbeing ctildeleiTe, he washy the Law(offorce among all the lewcs)torue- coed him as his lawfullheire. This right of Chrifks wasapparent t the Starre a Verle7. (hewed it : Herod k perceiued. it : Chrili acknowledged it t e Pilategranred it " , I Ioh ;7, & the Lewes when chat matter was qutlhioned before `Pilate,could nor tell whom' orlon, r9,as. toname añainil Cnr,ll but Calais . v if d:étamc This ferueth notable for the confirmation and felling ofour faith in a point ThePfc. ofthegreaten moment , and in which itisdangeroustobemiftaTcen. For what rearm base weetorellevpo .0 brii for faluatìon, vnlelfe we be alfured that her isthe annointedofGod, curls thatvery Sauiour,vpon whomwee mayboldly de- peso? Our Ssuiour toidevsyrhat there (hallarife falfee Chid. `s `. how (hall webee able to difeouer then, , and aueide deceit by then? , ifwee beenot retied in this ° Mash'z4,z3 point ? It is good for vs therefore tomarke bow theold and newTeflament do herein agree, that out ofthe harmonyof both,wemayfor the groundingofout faithderiuea comfortableconclefion. The fecond point obferued from hence, is : That ourSvuiour¿hriflitaperfon The do£Z ofgreat nobilitie eaen the noblef that euerwas, For one way het was tine etemall . 4 Sonne of the mot High, and an other wag (asman) lineally defrauded from the Patriarks and renowned kings of Indah. It is a very honourablelife which is glues him inScripture; far furpaîïng theroyal (tile ofany. earthly monarch : runderfull, Goan /elter,The mighty God, The EuerlaflingFather, the prince of Tea,e: Iwill make (faid'che Lord) toy frrfl borne hither then thekings ofthe PIl'kYvsr. earthn. And therefore both Lings and ludtesarewilled to%if, him, and to úpft's, o9 ;' doe homage tohim, and the very Angels altoatecommanded towarfl,;ip hies f ieb.s6. K 4 And FtI