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ThefourthSermonà Verfe 7ó. At hefkaY,e by the monthofhie boy Prophets, whichWerefincethe weì'id begast, faying,Tharhewould,'e. He euidenceofthis worke Ofmans redemption commeth now next tobefpoken of. Iswhich,thelefeuerall pointe melt be handled. Firlt,that it is neceflary for the ftreng theningof amans faith, to obferue thecourfe and order and agreement oftheScripture. Secondly;that from the worlds beginning God foretolde all things concerning Christ. Thirdly, thatpartwhich was delivered by their mouth , was fpoken byGod. Fourthlywhat, the femme isof that which theyfpakeë Ofthefe in their courfe. So that the first do&rine now, isthis : That forthe uroandi»gand eonfirmatioaof ?slit a doçl. Faith , it is needful' tonote the orderand agreementofthe Scripture. Por indeede, whereupon was Zacriariehis faithbuilt, but upon the courfesof holy Writ? vp- on the aceomplilbmentof theancient Prophets, which be nowbeheld. Hee was ableto fay to himfelfe,Tbis which !nowfée tocome topaffe, amfare is nt, ether,bai that whichformerly bathbeene foretold; as the 'Prophetslake,fo is it nowfta?lled.To this very thing Christ exhorteth; Search the Scriptnres, they are tiny whichcc/ii- fieofhim r0. By thishe endeuouredtofettle his Difciples faith : He began at Mo. fes,andnil the Prophets,and interpreted team in all theScriptures, the thingswhich ofhishearers : were Written ."'9. Hedifpntedts heScripteere°;he laid nootherthings,rbntbofewhcbMofesand nLuk.2457. the Prophets did jayfhoald comeP. Thefe and the like fayingswe readeoften ,Thai oAO '' the Scriptureof the Prophets might be/a/filledv. This is done that theScripturefheald pAct. 5641. befta !lode r Thne the.Fcriptarewaefaplled t; which argueth thecareandpurpofe gMath:ó4 which the Spiritof roundouriud ju gements ontheScrf ture. So (Mar, P g g P P (Mark. tçaa: in ourtimes whenwe fee the fame thingshappen, which wereads inScripture ro haue hapded; when we fee fuch thingscome topall's,aswee findpropheciedin t Mark fn. Scripture, it isa great comforr,andafpeciallftrengtheningvetofaith. Se didthe n Od1.4 59. to the 'Prophets', faith our Sauiour ; fo it wasTbea,faithPottle.. The P' This (heweth what enemies they are to theirowne faith, andcomfort, who are wilfully strangers in theScripture. Thou faieft thou doltbeleeue inChrist but how knower£ thou that her is theChrif in whom thou must beleeue, what alibrance haftthou, that hoe is the perfon promifed? WhenSathan,or the doub- tings of thine owneheart than thus fife thee, whatcertaintyart thou abletoal- leadge ?and what isbecome of thy faith , which is builtvpon filch aweakefoun- dation? if thou didfi dwell in aneiltte of land, ofwhichthou conldeft thewno better euidence; thou wouldefl tbinke tobee quickly thutteout of douses. The Lord bath precifely Cet downe particulars, (fuels hash beenehiscaretoeffablith our faith :) that weemightbce able to fay (as eucryChriftian ought ;) Thaiit is written, and shoot beleetae : ifwee letthe Scripture lie likeCome needelelfe Hifto- rie, turning oiler (as too many doe) the cardes oftner then theleaues ofthe Bible : well may we talkeoffaith,but, thatfaith shouldbe wheretheir is fucklit- tleexperience latherule, and life, and ground offaith (which is theScripture}it is