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The f brádgeitentofthe9fpe1. ty isvnp fi ofsible The'thingswere Written ;bat we mightbelowá.Knoweflthoù inot Idh,ao.3i. what is written, how (houlde(l thou then beáble tobtleeue? The feeonddoarine of theplace is, Tbatgodfiem the worldsbeginningforetold tieUrine ii byProp/mire things ioncerning Cbriil..This is manife(l oiitof. thecourfeof the plateinhand,andoseafilyconfirmed. Fir(l¡ngenerall,¡tis raid,that vntoChrill aiirbe Prophetsgiirewittre Y. Chrift appealed rotheSCCiptitresof theold Tefla, yAas;o;Qgé merit'; and in his difcourfe withthe two difciples ionrnying toEmu's, hefound z ruh,g39. in every of the Prophetsfoniethingtouchinghimfelfe a. Secondly , if any (hall a Luka4, a;* exatily perufetheoldeTefiamene; he shalt finde eueryfpecialty touchingGshrift , diftinâlyfetdowne: as namely, whenhee should be borne'', where hethould'Gen.49to. d <Mit4a. beebprne ;of what ftocke .of whatkindeofwowan5, w,hatmangerofper- dPta.;3:.rr, fon,.both Gdd. f and Man g, how he fhould be entertained h, for whatend hee a lia. 7. i-a. fhould come l,bywhom he limpid bebetraiedk, what manner,ofdeathhe fhould f L. g.6.: die!, howhe fhould be vfed in hiseixechtion dSwherehe (hòuldbe buried ', how g v °°; r4., long he fhould abide in the grace', that hee Ihould rife fromdeath 0; that bee ';.'1,,,a2* a° fltouldattend into heaven i. There, and many more circumflances then their; i liu. e, r,ià the Prophets from the worlds beginning didfeedower very esaftly:fo thatthere 3. was nothing befell Chrifl from the fief/ moment ofhis conception; vnt¡ll the laii kPfal.ui.ji, periodof his time hereon earth, (I meaue of chofethings whicharereuealtd to iNumb. :t.ge baue befallenhint f and ahith,beféll him asonr Mediatour)ofWhicha mein ez pe ;4u' IO4 ;, nested in the Scripture might riot truly fay;Thum rñdihin it happened,as the Lured a. Pral. aa.ae iPake by hie Prepbers, &e..Befidts the ceremonies in theTemple and Tabernacle, large in the daily facrilicesand lacrificers all of there fliadowingout fomethingor ÌópsLL' therin the Chrill tocome, whowas the fubilanceofeurry type, and thebodie with Matth. ofeuery.reprefentation. Itis worthy anyMans paintstomarkeand obferue how at. 4o. ehe wholemylleryofChrïfl is lapped vg in theptohediesof the oldTekament, p'Pinl. rs.no; and how thefame isexplaned; laidcprn,.and enfolded ja the floryand the appli. withE6h8e cationofthe new : The pich,andmarrow, and Jubilance ofbothbeingthis, lefru p Cbrifl,yeflerday, today,and thefame for her'. Thereafon_heereof onGodspart rHeb.r3'.$. , is twofold :_ FiHll the confitmationofour faith :, hefeobingsWerewrittenthewWe mightbelioserOurfaithby this Conde is firengthned after this manner:wefee by. (Inh.ao.;i, thisexalt foretellingof the Prophets , that tine whole Conrfe Ofour faluation is a matterframed by God , and the whole order thereof ineuerypartand limme fet downeinhi;eternal' wifedomeand rouidence : out ofwhich we.maygather and concludethe certainty thereof, i ouch as a plot .which God bath lalde, all thepower ofSatban Cannot alter. S condly , many bare wrongs , many vile vfages and indignities befell ourSauiour.in the dáyes Of his ilefh , the Confide» ration whereofmight makea man todoubt whetherhee could bee the Sauionr of mankinde. But whenwe fee that etiery.fnch fpecialtyis foretoldeby the Pro: phets,and fo, that nothing,came to paffe but according to Gods appointment,; and that for tome fpecrall end,that doubt.is.remoonedy and thofe particularsof his debafwnent, becomegrounds ofcomfort andofreioyeingontovs.. - .. Now (for avieofthisdotirtne) we fee hereCasio agla(fe)theeire,whichGod 71,, .bp; bath had in all Ages, from the very cradle (as itwere ofthe world, forthegood andcomfort ofhis Church. He hatlsnoe kept a word b'ackewhich mightbee for the tteceffary information thereof. Euery age bath beene furnilhed with Pro: phets,. andeuery Prophet furnifhed with gifts, to infix et the Church in the royflerieof Chri(l., It is atrue raying ,. that The Lorddidfrill 'enealehis.ferrets. et hi,fereants the Prophets °f And theProphets wereall (like . l'iufes)faithfultr r imps g.i. all gad, bonfe° ; and like Pail, they kept nothing &aalie that *supra fitable, but flew, u Heb. 3.4, edadthe cosnfellofCGodx Whereforemay notGod then (ay, a, ofolde, what =ABsaso. couldI haw done any merer? Ifwe nowremaine ignorant and vnferled inReligi- Y1G r.4 on, ready tobee carriedabout with emery windeofdodlrine :, Where is the fault, sEph.MSA and again(t whsmwill yee pleade? Gbd hash not hectic wanting to vs, neither yet