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s U< The eilbridgement ofthe qofel. yetis: but here is themifery ofit, and that which will make hellewe ready to S, burg with damnedfoules: R fypeople will not heartmyvoiee ,lfrael nullnone ofinee. b Ioh 3.to, Light is come , bat men lonedarknffe morethen light'''. The Sermorysofthe Pro. phets are recorded, read, expounded, but wewill not heare them é 96. rather cleVt.r4, with choIewickedones,Departfromvs ,Wedefirenot the .Anowkegewf rhywaica°.Lec vsremember what is faiddemowhomfaeuer mach isgiaen,ofhim 'hallbe mach req,ii. d LA2.45. redd. Wee haue the myflerie ofChriR,forerolde by thePtophets,explaned by the Euangelüts, epplyed and enforcedby the writingsof theApoftles; prcffo neerer to is and made more familiar by continual! Preaching ;our ignorance is without enure, our blood'will be uponour owne heads, =portion will beedee- ,er in the pitofhell, then the Indians;and Moores,aud Tartars, which neuer had the like meaner offpirituaü information. Then. do. The third isftru&ion..fiandeth thus, That that Which wanvtteredby the month arise. oftheProphets, God fpeke:Cesare the words: [As hefpakebythe mouth,c c.] The mouthof the Prophets deliuered thofethings, but itwas bydire&ion and mini- ration from above.' So itis generally laidofall the holy Writ: Holy men fpokeai e a Pc.:.I. theyweremooned by theholy Gheft °. Äll'.Serlptare isgionn byinfpiratien ofGod?. Is f s Tim. 3,1f. the old time Godfpake by the Prophets g. 1 willbe Withtiymouth h laid God tom,. fs: 7 hart put my words in thymooth,toJeremy'. Thewordofthe Lordwas in my i1er t.,t.IZ. ton ne,faidDaaidk. The Holy Gho a eb themouth Dauid, faid Peter'. God i lei l.q. g y ffP b. y of I sarn.z;.t. lothbefoeeh you throughvs,.faith Paul!".. Three places Rmw, thatthe things vote. I Ah.,,, 6. red by thcfemen, were not of theirovine Mining,but carneby fpeciall autho- m,O Cc' fz° ritic frrom above, for themakingof the belprofite by thispoint, let vs Tooke a little further into it. By the forerebhìngsof theProphets in this place, ?Lachery (no doubt) vnderllandeth the olde Teltament, which is therefore called, the n e Pen r.19. word oftheProphets ", and, TheTrophies°, and,TheScripture: ofttee Prophets re o o R . n 6A6: They base Moles and the Prophets, that is, the Scriptures9. Now that which is yLok.l ó,ay, heere raid of the Prophets (that by their mouth Godfpake) is trae altoofehofe which wrote the newTeflament, actording tothat laying, that the whole Scrip: x zTim.3.16. tare irgiaenby infpirationofGods: and the Apofslefpeakiagof;hefoundationofthe tnob :.zo. Chareb,maketh it tobe both, Prophets (theolde Tellament)and o.4pofllesr the new TeRament : The body and framewhereof,albcit it was notall compiled by ApoRles , yet the doetrinewas taughtandpreached by theApoRles, whole note, sLuk.24,4r. derjtanding.Chrf opened', and with who ehepromifedtobe.. So that itis true í, Moo.naos. ofall the writers ofthe holy Scripturese tGodfpakebytheirmouths.Where- upon touching the Scripture we are heretaughtrhreethings. Three The firft is, theMaier(lieofit. Fo howmuchnot that needes bee full ofMaie.. things noted file , and of admirable excellency,which proceedsontof the monthofthe moll touching the High ? Wee fee in experience, whenbookes come to ourhands, whichcontaine Scripture force briefes of the orations andfpeechesoftheKing,how apt we be to carryan by eccafion higher eftimation ofthem, then ofother ordinariewritings; and all is, becaufe of this 3 we mealare the words by the worth and dignitie ofthe Authors fo intheScrip.. Dobtrine. . ture,i; commeth from aGodof infinite maieftie, theremull needesbe in it more then flees or printsof excellency. Hereupon'they are called,theGreat ,orStately, zHota,ez, or Honorable things of the Law°. Daniel calleth them'the wondersof the LaW t. yPt1l,at9.18. The Lawn ofGodfeemeth tohim fofull of many admirable things, and thefame fo full ofheauenly brightneffe andglorie, thathis natural! eieswere euendazled therewith , therefore hee clearedGodtodoe acurevpon his fight, Shat her may be able to beholde them; Open mine eye ,&c. It is raidofChrift, that/wrought o Mazh, 7.09, as on loaning authority';there was another mannerofRate in his words,then in theverball fermons and lecturesof theScribes:andfo(whofoeaer enal obferue it) !half fee a kinde of maielhie inthe word ofGod revealed in the Scripture, more then in anyother writings. y'he f, The vie heereof is, co admoniths.nstobewareofall Ilight,and bale, and con- temptuous