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118 Theellbridgement of of el. it is oftencalled TheTeflimonyh;becaufe it bearethwitneffe to it felfe. Theo (halt h Ifa.s so, know it by the effeâs : it is mighty is operation i, Crc. it Will makethy heart to borne i Heb.q. a z. withisthee . Hee that will not beleeue thiswitne(fe, will belecue none. Itis the kLek .4. 32. Churches Minillry; which commends the Scripture, but it isnot the Churches authority which maketh it to' bee-Canonical Another opinionofthePapifis is, that the Scripture is not theábfolute Iudge in matters of Religion *,but the e Cru, Loc. Church, that is,by theirinterpretation*, fometimes, the confent ofthe Fathers; Com.t;.c.3, fometimes the decreeofageneral]countell ;fometimes,theverdiâof the Pope *, lBuaowinhi. wholefaithcannotfaile. They* accufe theScripture tobe obfcur. ,imperfit, the aamoriuc matter ofcontention , and therefore vnfitto bee a fudge. But ifthatbee true S Carms in which is heere, That the Scripture is the voyceofGod, who (hall bee more fit Loris Coin, handling this to determine ? But (thou faiefl) howfhall wee bee certaine ofthe fenfe ? Ian- tubkot. Ewer : The Scripture is the interpreter of it felfe, as the Laweof the Landis of ns.st,der6 rt felfe :- The Scripture is Light rr Aswee fee thelightby the light, fo theScrip fidei inprufn, tureby itfelfe. Who (hall judge what is Gods meaningbuthimfelfe ?'Scripture Vpón the with Scripture msft bee conferred '. and that is the way tofinde the truth. Se. Popes aothn- condly, this point may bee fitly applyed toour owneoccafrons: there isbe. riry,rhefoon; twixt vs and our Teacherscontrouerfie about fundry things : Theft and thefe davon of re- things ed ligionwba g g and periwaded, as good and necefTaryr fuchand fuch things are be laid. criedout upon, an cuill and yngodly. The Preacherdraweth oneway byexhor- * tear, co- ration, wedraw Beanecontrary by our conuerfation.Hee faith wemuff doe thus inIon eonera and thupwe thinke it robe morethen needs:He faith this or that is a groffefine, prifa&m and willbringvs tohell if we continue inirwefuppofe there isnodangerincom- HoGns,hb.3, miffing it. Here is nowaquellion, and byWhom fhall itbedecided ? Ifweewill deaurhorirae haire a fudgewhich is able togive an eV-eluteverdit, let vsappeale to the Scrip. Scrip. & Sc- ture,letvs hearkenwhat God faith;where fhall wefinde a more ftfficientarbitra_ rte(iw cornea tour? He is the onely aw - roer not his ChurchEuery aâion,euery court mutt Brentium. Y 3 Andrad. L z.. Rand or fall at his determining. And where or whence fhallwee knowwhat his rrh.Erplico. will is, but in the Scripture? The Prophets andApofl:leshaue written and fpo. 1 PI ay..oç. ken, but God,ake6) their momtbot Iwould we could be perfwaded toyeeld tothe This is Lords verdit resealed in the Scripture : Whata notable reformation offondrie themeaning groffeevils would loose enfue? Touching thole things which weegoeabout to ofo he Word. pertwade, as,diligence in theworfhipofGod', care toheart and to profit bythe Art,9,2 Word, fanâifyingthe Sabbath, Challity, Sobriety, Mercy,Peaceableneffe, and nlam.gar. fuch like;fure weare, we haue theScripture on ourfides, and men haue nothing but humor, and cuftome, and obftancy tooppofe. If we will not yeeld to the judgement of the Scripture nowforourconuerfion, wefhall erelongbee forced to yeeldunto it forourconfufion. The third thing touchingthe Scripturenotedhence, is theTrothnfir :which or{,l.t,.J followeth from henceneceffarily. God is the Godoftruth o. How cap there bee any vntruth inthat which he hath deliuered? Irerneinbershar for confirmation p ifs. r. ro, this doth often come in, Themonthofthe Lord herbMeta. Hereupon are thole & elft-where, commendations of the word ofGod: The imdgements oftheLordare troth a ; Thy gPInI.19.9 word it troth.'; The wordoftroth, whichir theGofpelr. And not without caufe: feoi u. i Forthere is nothing related in it as done, but it wasfo,as isreported,with entry í circumllance: There is nothing mentioned asamatter tobedone, but it fhall focome to paffe, as is foretold. le ismereeafrerborbeameofhdpaffeaWay, ties r Luka 6. rr, that orte title of the LawAuldfall.' This is alto a needefullnote. It is probable, The Yfè of that the greatelt part ofmen donor thinke, thatthere isthatabfoluterruthand else ;, sate certainty in the Scripture butthat they doefuppofeit rather to bee anidle tale or rvn looks t erh á etrhe henanity i prformance.Therefore is mecet holde isfirme,th he Bt mc Scripture is the voice ofhimwho cannot lie ; Euery curie written in it fhall fall vpon the vnrepentant; and euery blefsing promifed therein, fhall bee made