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126 ThecAbidgesnent of the..gofpel. performe ir,BleJdbethan oftheLord (laid Saidto Samuel) Ibanefall/ed the corn, mandement ofthe Lord.But Samnelfaid. Wbat meanetb thep the bleatingofthe(beep u Sam.ot. inminecare:Andthe lowingálthe oxenwhich 7 heare.? So,it is like enough,we will t3,:. be ready toiuftifieour Idees: and when we are challenged for breach olpromole, a Mo .3.8.03. willbe ready ro fay,like thegain-laying Iewes,Wherein* haue wetnfpafied ? But it (hall be laid tovs,as is was toSaul, What mease then thefeand thefe things? If we make confcience ofthe couenant, what meane chele grolle £inns, which cry loud in the caresofthe mollHigh,and vnder which he ispreffid,aa acart that isfull y Amos a.t;. offheaunY,fwearings,whoredomes,drunkennes, opprefsions,cruelties, contempt sMm,,' ;o of the Word and Sacraments, andall theft withan highband.; many beeing a loo 9aa. growne to that. extremity,thatthey cannotbase anyfbamea: the very trial/oftheir b lla.;.9. countenance teflifitthagainfl them b ? Is thisourpromife ? Is this tobe windfall of our couenant? Wich what lacecas we layclaime to thecouesuntofmer, whezi we (hall befo manifelily conui&ed to haue eroder vnder ourfcete the couenant ofobedience? Howeueritbe,God will keepe his word ,but notoffauour,bumf qx Sam,;.tt iuftice,cuenthat which Mofesfpeakesof,enough ro makehis two caresto tinglen, d Hab.;.tò. and hisbe/lyre trembled thatheareth it: TheLordwill sot be merciful! untovs, but his wrathand iealeafie¡hall[wakeagai10vs, and entrycurfethat iswritt.n,(halllight eDeu.s9.to, uponvs,, and the Lordfind/put out ournamefrom under bosuts.. This is their pot. f Peal.40.7. donwhichforget God, anddealefalflyconcerning hiscouenant e : this is the he.. glob to. 29 ritage that theyfhall hour ofGod for their workess. Remember then, s as the fubftance of thecouenant onGods part, fo the con ditionon ours : he hathcouenanted, fh haue we : he bathfworne ,fohaue we alfa: he will not for. get his part, let vs make confci. ericeto rememberours. The AM.