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The fixth Sermon. Verse74, not be wouldgram unto 4r, thatwe being deliveredoutofthe hands*four ttttmiet fisou(d fern him withoutfeare0e. E are now come to the last part oftheworkeofour redemp= tion,whichis the end and drift thereo;andwhich is alfoa branchofthe couenant which God made totheFathers,and a limme(as it were)ofthatgood which hoepromifed tobe- Row, Touching this end, I will fpeake firfì,generally;and then, ^^(¡ moreparticularly Ivildi fcu(%thofe things whichdoneed. farily concernecha maineduty, at which Godaimed in vouchfafing vs fogreat a deliverancebyConti Iefon. Thegeneral( fummeofthisend ofour redemption is,that tree twins delietered from our enemies, (bouldfirmGod. Concerning there enemies,whothey are, and whatis thedeliverance from them, I(hall not neede tofpeake;thefe things were o- pened inthe 7r. verse. Theknee and general!do &rine oftheplace,is this; That The r. doà thepurpofeofGodinfreeingvsfrom thefpirituall bondage intohichwe were bynature , Trioi woe, that wee should nun confcrate ourfeones to theglery, and honour, and ter. Meeof himfelfe. This point is plain in t hewords of this place, and eafily tobte further manifefoed by the Scripture. Boeing madefreefromfinsee, ye are made the feraants of righteournel h: that is,feting the Lord hath dealt thus graciouflywith hRom ì6,tg, you , to refcue you by the deathof Christ from theflauery offine , this is that which is nowexpefted ofyon,euen that you shoulddenoteyour felues tothepra_ tlifeofrighteoufneffe,being henceforth as zealous in good feruices , as yeehaue formerlybeen earner} and eager in fulfillingyour owne lulls,and in glutting your felues with the pleafures of frnse. Li' §e tothis isshe reatos/ngof thefame Apo. foieelfe -where in the fameEpistle : 1 beseechyouby the merciesofGad , thatyeagive vpyour bodier',&c. Heperfwades vnto a godly life, by propounding vnto vs the ;Rem ixr merciesof God. Now this kindeof reasoning wete of no force, were it not for . , , this, namely, that thedrift of allGods mercy rnto vs inChrifl, is, thedrawing andrecovering of vs from the feruice ofSathan , rnto theobedience and feruice ofhimfelfe: Such is that fpeechof his inanother place : Tedebought withaprice, thereforeglorfe Godk,dc.as OlehadPaid, God hath redeemed you, therefore it ftandeth with equity, & itis agreeing tohis purpose & meaning, that youshould k t Goeó.aoè ferue hirsr.Exccllenr isthat place toTiturThegraceofGod,&&. loathappearedAnd teechethmahat wefhoulddenyvngodlinef, &c. and that we fhoald licefoberly,ev. in thisprotons worlds. The meaningis, that thedo&sineof the Gospel (thefumme 1Tit,t.rr,i3: whereof is, Redemption in andby Christ (is preachedpublikelyvoto all, but not to encourage them to continuein Gene, but to serge them to lay afideprophane- nesle,and to renouncetheir owne lulls, and tohaue their fruit inholineffe as they hope tohaue their end,eternal! life. For (faith the Apostle) ChrifIganenathim- [eelfeforvs, char we should the moreboldly glue theraines toour owne lulls, but wVerfe si, that weshould be zealous ofgood werkesm. To there weemay ioÿne that of Saint Peter e Pap thetime ofyonrdwellinghere infeare ,knawingthatWe were redeemednot iiiPei.417; withcorruptible things, core. but Withtheprecious bleedof Christ , There bee vied' the ízy