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The elfbridgermentofthego/pet. rt9 MA belooked for ; That he wouldgrant Vs. t. Themannerof fodoing it; with- outfeare.3. The time towhich the performanceofthisduty is tyed; All the daies' efourlife.4. The fpeciall duties whereinit ftands : holineffeand righteoufnes. í.The trial I ofthe truthof thereduties : before him. Of there intheir courfe. Firfi couching the party from whom the powerto ferue Godmufibee expe- C led :7bat he wouldgrant vntavs (faith Zachary.) This is a chicledifference be twist the Lawand the Gofpel. TheLaw commandeth good things, butfhewettt no :manes ofdoing them. The Gofpel doth not onely enióyne things right, but declarethalto, how and whence that may bee fupplyed which iswanting in vs. Therefore Zachary dothnot onely manìfeft the drift and intentofGod in redee- mingvs, (namely , that wee lhould feruehim) but doth altopoint his finger to thefountaine,and teachethvs who it is,that willenablevs to doe it. And indeede this is a part of the Couenantofgrace,Thatas Godwin expct fir-nice at oarhands, The2..6É# fobe Willmake vs able to performethat acceptable feruice Which he required:. In the handlingof whichdo&rinc, I will declare two things. I. That in vs there is no fuchpower, 2. That God worketh it in thofewhom heehash chofen. The for metdf there isapparentout ofthe manifeft teffimonies ofthe Scripture. n_i 7:be ' imaginations ofthe thoughts ofmans heart areonelyeuilcaütinuady.We are not MM.. ent ofourfilms to thinkany thing asofourfelumYOishaut meyou can do nothing, faith yskoc;, 5., Chriftz. Now, who can bring aclean thingout offtlthinef for whether can men nioh.ay.t. gathergrapes ofthorns b ? There is nothing but crookedneffein ournature , and a1<:b how is it pofsible that any good thing titould come there from ? The fecond b.Màt5.7.t°;'- branch, touching the fupply fromGod of that which is wantingin IS, is very. cleere What man is he thatfearcth the Lord , him will he teachthe wry that he/hall chin ;T hem(halt wal?efafelby the way,andthyfeete "bailnot 'tremble d;IWillcaufe cP .zç.sa; !ontonalke in myHalite,°. There places their how that the Lord will furnifh his I Prou.3 25. redeemed with fuch a meafu reofgrace,as that they (hall Walke in fuch a way,and tEm o3t.ur. runne fuch acourfe as lhail beepleating and acceptable to himfelfe. Theorder and mannerof the Lords bringingthis to paffe in them, is this : Firfi , becaufe theheart isthe fountainofall outaEtions,therefore Gods haftwork in them, is; topia a moo jpirit into their hors/band t4k. shefiony heart out oftheir bodies, 6- to fEaee.iáa9l giuerbema heart of fief! r, Mavis, to remóoue their natural( vntowardneffe, and tomake thei, hearts more inclinable andpliable vitro good. Secondly, beepia. seekhis Lazo intheir inwardparts,eWriteth it there n,he planted: them in the true g ter 3r.3 . Caningknowledge,heopeneth their hearts ", making them to conceive andunder_ h Ads54.14. landir,he caufeththem to loueit, and to delight in it, hee kindleth in them a de- firetopraflifc ir,and to watke in all holy obedienceto it. Thirdly, he furnifheth themwith the alfuranceof fecretdirec or,a reord behindthemfaying to them : this is theway,Walke init i; andthus hekrepetit their fette tr,andguidesthem inthe Way i. ilia. to. er. Fourthly,befilerhthemWiththefruirsofrighteoufnefe :,thatis,heenableththem hr. Sam,s.y. tobring foorth that good into outwardaEt , the knowledge-whereofis feated in I Pfal,25.9. their hearts; that Co they may not be idlener.vnfruitfaP', butmay adornthe do- Etrineo edtheirSaakerinallthings°. Laftl he lothnotfoleasethem,butthe nz,Pew.i,. f CJ Y, ó Tiws i.ro, bandofhis mercy is dill Ptretclsedout,to flab/i/I, them incatty word goodWirkt, pn.Thc[ .i7 toconfirme then; &tomake then: perftq,;hatfothey may hold out,&may not be gHrb:r .er.. wearyofreellthingt,butthattheyokeofChritì Maybecome tafiervorothem, and r2,Th53t3. theCbriftian life may notfeeme (as it dothto the wicked) burdenfome and vn- ÍMai,n.; fauory. Thus it itmanifeft,that fettle the Lord:of our (elveswe cannot;atad with- all,thatGod hachmen tied himfelfe bypromifeto enable hisCeruants rheréunro, Weatetaughtbythis,sshdn wearecalled eposto anyrgood works, not co run Tlsejfs, toor feluesiasthough by our onn power we Iluouldbe ableWperfotsue -it, (for whoate wethatsnygood thing fhouldcome fromvs ?) but Wee mutt lift vpout e Mat 0,S. hearts toGod,prayingwith - Dauid: OpereMine eyes ';Teailsmethe wayof'thy fla= "'4R}5. teïresS,lnclinemyheart vawothy teffimoiriesx; lore¿EmyflepaottthywardS.Ww:Ireb Y p xÿ<cfetó sí 33=