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á The e/lbridgement ofthe 9ofpel. 1 Ephef t. t. naturedeadin trefpafet andfinnes.: vntillhe quicken asby his euerladingSpirit, 11.1s.,1o, and create anewheart' within vs, wecannotentertaine fo much as a motion an. togood. And this is the truecaufe, that weare fobarrenis good duties and Co b Ephef.5.n. fruitful) intheanfrxitfaI remits ofdareltffeb,euenbecaufeweaske not °. Thou e lame:43. which art an adulterer, or amangiuen to drunkenneile,or apt tocontend, or to be defirous of reuenge, or to be drawnby every occafion into mill company,ot which anti fcarcely remember any good thing taught,or which findefi a kinde ofdrowunetf dill tocreep vponthee, when thoucomma} to heare the wordof God : when waftthou an earned& humble fuserveto God, out ofthe heartyde. tefiation ofthcfe euils, that hewould enablethee to reforme them?when diddeft thou ixtrear him , and beg withhim tofubdue thyunruly and vntamed affcâi- ons? whencliff} rhoúlamentbefore him, with a forrowfull heart, theuntoward., nes of thy nature voto good? What maruell then, iffine get thedominion oser thee,ifthoube led capelue by thine own lufis,ifeuill grow firong vpon thee? Pot why? Althoughhaply thou couldeft with, that Godwould pardon thee,yet thou art not aCuter to himto reforme thee; thou couldeft be content that thy fines might be remitted, but thou doeti not intreat that they may befubdued. When thon fedeli anmill lie hard vpon thee, and perceinefi thatir (till brine htodraw thee to the pra&ife ofit, thoudrouldeddo asPanl, befeech tireLord that it mayde- d4 Cor.n.8. part from thee a. God bathfo bound himfelfe,to fulfillthedefireofthem :hotfeare e Plat.r4S. a9 him °, that at lead (whichyet is notlittle) thou (halt receiue the comfort which fsCor.ra.9 Paul did, mygracefhaábefnfficientfortheer. God bath tradeacovenanttogrant grace,& albeitfor trial) offaith he maydelay Curersfor it,infonte particulars, for lames Y.q. a time, yet he will not finallydeny ìt. Ifany lackee wifdosne, let himsolo of Ged,&it Chad begiven him S. Whocan fay this promifewas cue: broken? Remember this then; whenmention ismaeleoftheendofredemption, namely, a life ledto Gods glory,ehink who it is fib' whom this grace mudcome :It isGodwhichgines it: let 6Rom.t33o. vsAin: to him byourpraiers",certenlywe (hall notbedifappointedot our hope. The next point is the manner of doing this duty;(witbouefeare.) Thisplace mutt firfi be examined, becanteit muli femme contrary to another place, which ¡Ptalme 1.rt. biddeth vs toleruethe Lord withfeare. We mud therefore learnt to didingudh: kRo a. 8.a There is a hellifh feare, & there isa holy feare,a fiauifh feare,anda fonlike feare. MP The former of there is calledbyS. Posl, ekeJ irisofbondage k. It is fuchasflaues haue in refpe& ofthole to whom they are inbondage: Akinde ofrefpe&they haue tothole in whole power they are,theydo that which 1s eómanded them,but they neither haue love to their commanders, nor takeany delight in that which isenioyned them : that which they doe,they doby enforcement, and in learnof the whip. Such is the feare ofGod in reprobates: (ometimes they are thicken with a kind of aweof'Gods Maiefry, and do mieneneurbleat his indgments, and (it maybe) do fomething which is required;but there obedienceprocredethnot out ofany love to God, or ontof any truth ofaffe&ion tothat whichis perfor- Genf,, 4.6. med, but onely out ofconfiraint. Thus did Cain raftdown bio countenance t, Wan mGcn at.;8. weepe m, Pharaoh let thepeoplego °, Ahab bumblehimfIle °,Iudas repent P. Noneof nExod.ts.;t there was tritely grinned ror his ofrènce, or lorry that Godwasdil'pleafedr They imna.ntz7 p nor L7. ;. had an apprehenfonof the terror ofthe Lord v', &thatwrung from them Come- q Cer..r.s,, thing, in whichorherwife ofthemlelues they rooke no delight. Now the othet t Rom,8af, feare is called the fporit ofadoptionr,& it jsa feare tooffend,rifrngout of theap. prehenfron & feeling ofGods loueras,when the experiencewhich I Kanehad in my (eke ofGodsrraciousdealingswith me, makes me toentertainea feare left Ifhouldabut his lone,&doought that mightdifpletfe hi nraiefiy.This kindof kart may be where there is thegreated, and finned, andmolt refpeetiue loue r as betwixt the father & the Con;thehusband & wife:Lee the wife fee tbaefbefood fEpb4343. beebtuband,faith Pamir.Thisdifkkt&idoffeare,being rightlyvnderftood,itwilbe cafe torecôeile there places.SernetheLordis bfaare,faitlhDauid :that iseófidet log