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The eflbriclgement of the Cofel. thing fencarne firafrom the heathen, and was unknown to the worldvntill ' A,. Dom. theConnell ofthe Florenceotandtherfore thoughthey threaten the blackecure z4,9. tothofe that deny ir, yet let vs notfare it;the curfe that is caufleffilm&not come P. pr.on.ze.a, Secondly, this makethagainfl therewho areof that fwinithdilpoftion, that vfez, they neuer think vpon doinggcod vntill they die;while they liue, they rake,and catch, and extort,andoppréfle: Amain may asPoorewringwater out ofa fiinr,as" draw ought from them to a goodpurpofe ;then they grumble likeNba1,all q t.Sam.29.11 t4ke my bread&c. andgnu it to men, whom Inoow not whence they be 9 ? Rut when they come to the knife and die , they mull kaue there goodsbehinde them, then (it may be) fh'altfotmedrop or two be givenro the poore, or tofomégood ferdice. I doe not condemneit ifany manbywill bequeath ought to theChurch or poore this I condemne,when fnch thingsare neuer donetill then: It is an at- gument, that thatwhich is then done, is but a formall and extorted beneuolence. Formall;men therein will doe asothersdoe: Extorted s becanfe iris done moE commonly to (lop the month ofan accufingconfcience. Remember wee there- fore,that the obediencewhich we owe toGod, ofCo manfor Godsfake,reachcth it felfe to the whole life, and is not tobe reftrained to the lait a&. That brow- ledge which we will learn, and that good whichwe will doe,let vsapply'know: It is a miferable thing when menmullbecatechized inprinciples, and mailfirft begin to exercife charity when they are going toappeare before God to gist account oftheir life. Yje.I. Thirdly, this doth preffea kindeofhaftning in the duties ofgodlinefi'e, with- out delaying or putting off. For marke howtheSpiritofGod fpeaketh. Hee faith, that the lifeprefent is our only time ofwell doing :but howdoth he define life? not bymonethes oryeares,but bydaies,wlrich is alfo the vfnall manner ofthe r Gon;47. s. Scripture r. This fpeech argueth the ihortneffe ofour life, beingnothing but a Pfal,go.9¡a. compofttion ofa few daies;which how foone they may be fwallowedvp,by that long night of death, wecanottell. This liroitIdmake vs to mafçchafte with Da. uidr,aadtowarkewhile itisday'. It was the very thing intendedbyMores in that t Ioh.q,4. fateof his,Teach vs tonumber ourdales °;&e. that is,enablevs (OLord) fo to final FNIt. vp thetime ofour life,that confrderingthe fliortnesofit, wenay learns, thin wife- dome todoethat firft which moil concernsvs;fóthat ifby the fudden canning ofdeath, any thing for lacke oftimebe left vnperformed, it may notbe that, the not doing whereofwillbe the vndoingofour Conies. Memorableis thefpeechof xGen.ms,.1. Ifaake Beholdlam nowold,andknow riotthe day ofmydeath,wherefirenowt ,&c.as if he had Paid; There is athing to be done, whichmail bedone before!die, and I know that as the daies ofmy lifearebutfew,fo thegreaeeflpart of tlaemare gone and pall , thereforethat which I intended I will haften to dock e fo ihouldentry Chriltian realmwith himfelfeMy time is flaort,my lifeafpan,' my dales not ma- ny, thereforeLord framemy heart, that whileft it called todayI may turne to thee, and f,eke thy fauour. This care isa chiefedifference betwixt the godlyand thewicked: For ehegalgae cleanecontrary , Lei vseateand drinke,fortomorrow yin rs ; wo lima die t :Therein they imitate' their fatherthe Diuell; foreuenof the fame s lt<u, oa..z, humour is he : a thath¡riot wrath ;lfnowirrythat he pathbut .Pharr time.. Thefecond point now followerbì ForCo Zachàrie reached, vs,that as God is to be ferued in ourlife(which is themore generalipoint)fo it mite] be all thedaies of our life. Here cometo be openednivo do&rines. i . That religion is tobe par- aired curry day. z. That it is to bn'pnaEiíèd rothe endofourdaks. Tlrefonrnier of thefe rr4'direthafsiduity, anddailinèffe; The latter perpetuityand laflingneffe. aPGt: igs.'s; 7 wi8blep theedaily(faitl Danid)andpraifethyname for user a :That fpeech may be in fteed ofa commentary to this'place. Iwill fpeake ofboth fcuerally. The Del rive z, former of 'the twodo&rines is;Thata Chriffianmataisbound bythewordofGodto a daily práífe of rd,;gion.- Every day 'and everya&ion-of the day mailbeawitnes ofhis caretoapprooue laìmfclfe in allholy coouerfationvaroGod. Is willnot be hard