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yy-,YpljÇCIrHr¡ M m J`á'..h]éf The feauenth Sermün. Verfe All thedays ofour life, in heline andrighteoafnef beers God. HE next point tòbe handled, is, the Time, towhichótn . feruing ofGod without feare is limited : All thedada of sarfife. Heere I will handle two points. 1. That this life is the time of ourferuing God. a. That it mull notbe donein Come part, but in allthe daiesofour life. Touching the firf,thisis thedoárine ; that the rime ?ht 1. depie ofoar !Minghere intheworld, ts thealone time , iìt *hid, chafe duties are to he done, Which eaglet to beperformedby vs intokenofthankefnlnef to Godfer wit. redemption, andinrefekofthe hopewhich We haseoflife eternad. Thisplainely followeth hence : for, ifthe quehionbe,when and atwhat time the dutyof feruing God(which is the end of our redemption) mull bedone; theanfwer is, itmuff be done in thedale, ofear.life, , While we lilac here,ornot at all.This is agreeing to theScriptures in other places,: Whilewe hang. time lee vsdoegeede,&e. that is, while wehue here for whenthattime isgone,we o dal 6.to; baue no further opportunitie. Inthis prefint world, faith the fame Aponteelfe- d l .n, u. where4; The timeofoardwelleng tort, faith Peter* ;Daringmylife,faith Paned É. {1;áe;467 l hamftnifhedmy conrfe, laid Paul, whenhe was neere his death t : He could not g i Tim.+, p, hang fo fpoken truly,if, after his departuréhence, therehad beenearty thing fur- therto beperformed. Thus all is confined to the comp'affe of thisprefent life. After death commeththe itidgement 4 : thenis time ofreckoning,not ofpra&ife. fi fielxg, ìy: Belides, death being come, the timeofgrace is expired, the mïsilhryof reconci- liationceafeth; thereforesow is theacceptedtime, beboidonow the dayoffalnatten, faith theApoffle Thisferueth lieft, tobatter downe the teals ofthe Popes fuppofedpurgatorie : The t. Y ¡o theground whereof is this, that thereis a place forrepentanceafter thislife, and that as Come, which areperfit Ghrifiians, goedirely after death toheauen, and others, whichareextreamely wicked i goe firaight tohell; fo there are amiddle kinde,whohailing net perfited theirobedience inthis world, nor madefull fads- £a&ion for all their finnes,mull flayby the way,inaplaceoftorment , where the reliquesoffinne muff bee purgedoat, and the full fumme of their dutymade Op, before they can be admitted into heauen. This is held as an article of faith, and they arelaid tobeecertainely damned fo many as doe not beleeue it k. In. klRegar.fih. check Papiffshaue reafontiemaintaine it d it is a. fire which hath well heated the r. de pnrg. Popeskitchin, and the conceitand feareof it, together with anopinionthat the cap. t a. offerings of Prieflscanbeige to fhorten amans time init, bath brought them in no fmallreueiaae theymay truly lay that by this craftthey hanseebezrgo,ds Now IAft. 10.4: the opinion is plainlyconfuted by this place. For whatfoeuer isrequired of vs, either toward God,or toward man, is to be done in theda esof ourlife, ornever. Thedead inthe );ord,doe reff from their labours m : This couldnot be true, ifthey mneti,ta.ry Were either boded in doinggood werkes for.the getting toheauen, or weretor- mented in fire. They fwearemuch to makegoodthis fancie ; but invaine : fore We aee,the Scripture maketh mention ofcwoonlyplacea,finr the dead': neither nLákró:aa; was there inMofes law appointed any facrificeon thebehalfeofthe dead. The a;. M 3 thing i;;