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t36 Theeifbridgement ofthe 9oìel. on theSabbath day, then 'Ton other dayes menmay beleft freeto themrelues and may take a littlemore liberty tobee fecure Ifmatters ofgodlinetrebeba- nifhed from their thoughts,and tongues, andlives, all the whole woke loog,they thinke it tobe nogreat offence : This opinion isouerthrowneby thisplace. We were redeemed to ferue God euery day: Though theSabbathbe tobeimployed more efpecially (God then vouchfafingmore plentifullhelpes togodlineffe) yet alleuill is tobee avoided euery day,andall fachgood istobe done, as in our cal- lings and hues we [hall be occafioned:Endeavour wemutt towalke in the faneti= fication ofour hearts, and innocencyof lift in other dares, as well as on theSab- bathclay. fl' 2, fe. Secondly, thismutt bea motiue tovs eueryday, cuco at our firawaking, to denote and confettate ourfelues to the Lord, and toarme ourfelues with a holy revolution toftrineagainft finne: This willbe a matter ofno little benefit: Fotby Y Phlls.ef- this means Godwill enable vs tobe blameleffe andpure, and *about rebukev, and 2 P(aL-ry's3' we [hall be 1piptfrom prefumptuexsfins k. The want hereof drawethmanyof Gods children fometimes intogreat inconueniences,namely, when as, not confidering the flippery pathwhich theywalke in here in the world, and beingwithout téare oftheir owne frailty, they donot couenaut with themfelues tobe very watchful. and tocommittheirway vitro the Lord, and to (land upon their guard againfi e- uery finse: We haue an example of this in Peter : Doubtleffeheehad no retied purpofe todeny his Mallet: yet towhat acafe did hisowee rathnefirbrirghjm, while hedid not ferioullyraft withhimfelfe what danger might arife,by theplace and perrons, neitheryet weighed hisowne weaknes, howeafilyhe might be fna- red,hauing no warrant tobe there. Thindrawes many into ill compatry% tofaca. ring,drinking,gaming, &c. I will not fay, that there evils inCome doalwaies pro- ceede fromapurpofe to to doe; but rather from the want ofapurpofe towith- ítand them, and togiue vp themfeluesunto God. I would this was written ine- uery ones heart, that may day mutt bee confettate toGod, euer> day muttbe a holy day toaChriflian though noraccordiagto our Cenfeinrefpeetofceffari- on from labour, yet in refpe& of watchingand ftriuing againft finite. The 3J!fe. Thirdly, if entryday muttbe giuen toGod, what Gall we fayofthofe which fpendComany whole claies in the feruiceofSathan?wholedaies(1 lay)or the bet- terpart ofthe day, indrinking and reuelling,infports,in prankingvp themfelues, inplotting to refraud,reuenge,&eat out others,Howdoe thereconfecate there dates to God? What religion or godlines is in thefe fafhions? Whenmen make euery dayeither for vainepleafure,or fenftutlity,or Epicurifine, or worldlybene. fit, what is become ofGodspart? ThinkevponittI doubtnor, but the ferions thinking upon this, that God challengeth euery day, will reformemanycotrup. dons. Thus much touching thedailinefreofferuing God. Now followeth the perpetuity. The 3.doFF. Thedo&rine then is this;Thet wavemsift moke confcieneeofdiligence ingood tiesfor theprofens time,fo wemuß banea tareofcontinuance rr perfexerance alfe. All the daies efour life,faith Kasha!), ; therefore the laitdayaswell as the fielt. The Scripture is full in this point. Chri(l expounds thefeede which fell intogood 0,,,uke.s.. ground,ofthofewhich bring[earthfrxit witbpatience.. Thatonely is good finire which is accompanied with continuance. Oftentimeswefhallfindethe conditi. b Hams...;. on of prefeuerance putin. He that endured: to theende, hefhall lelamedb. Indue Rey 90, Ikon weJhall reape,ifwe faint, not'. Be thoufaithful onto the death and I willgiue e Maosos, title the crownte of hied. The labourers in the vineyard, none ofthemhad wages, £Ma,h.n.28, voleffe he wrought vntilltbemen e. Wee mutt tot onely obey the callofChrií'c, gloh.tfa Comet,, n.e r, butche charge alto which hegiuety;4bedeismsg, "centime s, 1oh-8.; e, my worn,tbenare yeverily my di c.plea". ?levfe° The vie is,to mindvsoftheA oltlescounfell,whichis,nottobewear inwt/ xt.Thd;i;, doing Our matureisa ttorecoleandtofallbacks like abrokenbowk.Akiede Plal78fy 8 P a