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The e/lbridgementofthe Çofpel. 137 of faciety will quicklycreepe vpon vs, and thofe good duties , which at thefirfk feeme pleating, will (without great care) bee a *twines 'vetovs, according as 1 Mal, r. y. we fee in many. Ihaue knowne Come , towhom thepreaching of theword was more welcome thennowit is ; whowere more carefull to efe private meases to profit by it thennowthey are ; who hada little refrainedfumecorruptions , to which now they are carried with full ftreame. They looke backevpon Sodem& they couldalmoll be content tobe in Egypt againe. Locke to ir, thouwhich art guilty to thy felfe ofchine owne backlliding:remember thou owell unto God ad thyhiest The treeplanted intheLords hhofe bringforthfruit Intheir age nandthey ,r, Pfgts;,iq whichdoe not fo, pallbe havendoenandcall into theftrea.It mutt not beinreligi- nslaGS.;o. on as inbaskets, In the beginninggoodwine, andthenafter that Which isworfsn;but n loh n o. rather, like thofe ofThyatira, our vorkes mullbe more ae tafl,thenat:befir/ P. P Reu a. tg The fourthgeneral! point in this Nike offpeech,is, what bee theIpeciall du- ties in which this our ferning ofGod llandsanholineffeendrighteonfne4. Thefe two words asiwertothe two tablesof the moral!law. By helmnes arevnderlkood thole duties which are owingimmediately from vs ento God;and are fetdown in the Foote firll commandements t namely;a holy regard to the truth and male. Byof his Godhead, in the firlìcommandement : a holy manner of worshipping him according to his w ill, in the fecond : a holy vfageofhis name,in the third :a bob keeping ofhis Sabbatb,in the fourth. By rig Iteren/neoare meant thofeduties which we owe toastneighbour t of all which theConine is, toglue to everyone hisdue: to wrong no man in his honour, or in that precedence whichGod bath giuen him , in the fife precept: not inhis life, in the fist:nor in his chafkity,inthe feauenth : nor inhis goods, in the eight: nor in hisgood name, in theninth:nor toentertainea thought which maydraw toany ofrhele breaches,in the tenth: fo that now our obedience and feruice of God fiandsnotin following our owne comas, but in making confcienceto frameour felues to that which the Lord(6- mends ento vs ,to be performed either to himfelfe,or toothers. Here is a large field to enter into, but I will abridge that plentiful! matter whichofferer] itfelfe vatome, as much as I can. Twofpeciall pointsare heretaught vs. The fink is; That true religionflandsnot inverbaliprefeffioaor informal' thews , The4'idelI, but in oúicn , and in the doingefthat which Godrequires. It isplainehere: For here particular duties are defigned, inthe pra&iicwhereoftrue religion and godlines cloth confilk. In the Scripture, doing & pra&ilareRill urged. Hearkento the lase, which I teethyou to do t:Heare the lawes,&e.thatye may take heedtoobferae them r. qDut 4.ï. TePalikeepe all thecommandements,etc. for todo them t.Ifyeknowtho[eetbingt,blef p 8fd eeye ifyedoe theme Whofeener heereth the femy werds,and doth themnot,fhadbe e2,.r; '. likened vntaafoolifh man.. Be ye doers ofthe word,endnot bearers anely.ifiewere nMar.r.aa . not fo, it were nothing tobe religious, it were nogreat thing tobeegodly: To nlan,.r.as. profelfeis nothing,to talk & fpeakofreligion,& to make a thew isa matter loon done,the verieli Atheilk may goe fo farce: doing is the triall,the fruitsofbefit* andrighteoafneffì do thew a man to beaChriflian. Thismakethagainftchofe, who haueouely tippedtheir tongues with religion, TieVfe. and have taken vpon them a name,and pubona vizard ofgodlineffe. Like they bee to thefsg.tree which our Saviour curled,aboundingwith leaues, but without frusteY: the Aposllethus def cribeth them;they Museafheroofgodlivefe, but denW yMi. t.19. the power thereof.. Suchhearers hadEzekiel; theydid come untohim.endftt before z 2.Ti ;434. bins and/scare hit words,batthey wouldnot doethem' :and fuck Issuewe : right like a Eaee33. ;4 him intheGofpel : he came toChriík with a queflion, Good Mal?er,wbat ought to doe to inherit eeruoli life ?The fame feemeth tobeour deflre in comming to the Congregation: well, when Keeheard histaske ; hewas veryheel 4, and wenthis &Luke tII. S. way doingnothing : evenfo , perfwade vs toany thingwhich is crofsing toour humours,andcommeth athwart ourcourfes,we fayfkraight,Tbú isabardflings who can Beare it '?Remember we this then,that bea trueChrilkian, into titular c loh.S.so thing