Hieron - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.H54 S4 1624

s4o The eÁbridgejnent ofthe Cjofpel, doe it :but clofelyand fecretly toabftainc, and when one hath many inticéments to it,yet euenfor Gods fake,and for lothneffe to difpleafehim,to forbeare,rhar is a thingwhich none buta goodman indeede, a childe ofGodcan comevivo. To make Ihewes of holineffe and deuotionin a Church, there ro lookeciuilly,and in praying tonic fguesofgreat carmf lneffeand affeetion, is no greatmatter, it is not of anyvalue to buildupon, for an hypocrite may come fofarm: But in a pri- eMuh.6,6. uate corner , inones Chamber(as Chrift faith',) apart from theworid,whcre no martenheart or vnderftand, or takenotice ofit; there topowre eat onesfaillebe. fore theLord. totail dowse hirnfelfe inhumility,and tomake many fighesand ua.Sam,r.rf teares, tobethe meffengers ofthe hearts defire ontoGod ; this is an evidence offincerity,this is done before God, andis without hypocrite: So then,this is a fore rulero try our feluesby,if that whichwe wouldbe thought to be beforemen; we trauell with our hearts, and ilriue tobe indeede,when nose can take noticeof our tourfes, in regardof the fecrecieofthem , but the Lord. Hee that makctlt confcience ofit to beas honelland asvprightly bchaued in the grtatelt privacie and folitarineffe,as he would be ifall the world beheld him, andcould fee intohis very thoughts, that man may be laid indeede to bereligious- Theendofthefirfipart.