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T. e J/ridgeníent©ftheqofel. i3l make thy wayesacceptable before mee. It wasthebell tefimony which Sdtinüb could glueofhis father2ìauui,that he wbalkedbefore God intrurh,t+r rignteottf es,& in vprigbtneiofheartwith hi»I t.It wasHrzekiabhis befcomfortwhen he thought 1. he (houlddie; O Lord I bane walkedbeforethee intruth m. When labwascenfúred m Ifay; 8, foran hypocritc(accordìng as it is Rill the manner oldieworld,to account euery manwho is morecarefull in religion then eh(mfelues,tobebut a diffembler,)well (faithhe)my heitnefe isin heauen,andmyMead iton high fl; youglue your rerdit of i, IebiiS,rg. measyon pleafe,but Iam knowne veto God : I haue walkedwith him, and 'doe ref fatisfied with hisapproouement, which is the thing thatÍ banealwayes cared for. Pahl (peakingof the executionofhis miniflery, faith, that hedid not handle thewardof Gaddeceitfn![y:asifhe hadfaid;Icoulddilly hope takenanother codes in preaching, by which to haue pleatedthe multitude, andto hauegottenmy Idle credit,but it wasnot the thingIlooked after : But whatthen/ to opposemy fitfe to Wry mans oaf-rioter in thefightofGod. . Theft feuerall examples concute o 2.Cor4a;. dugwith mytext, doe fhew that wee mull caremore to be religious, then to bee thought religious;and tohaue morerefpe& to theapprobation ofGod,tvhofeab tferrett, , then tothe opinionofmen, who may bedeceined with themes. pa!ith.eq; This do&rine dothvtterlycöndemnetherreoffeeming ,whicheueryone (al- The4ja, moth) bath learned in there times: The hypocrite, ifheehaue Lord,Lord, in l,is mouth,andbe bußeabout the outward worke, knocking& kneeling,and framing his faceto a thewofdentition : bee thinketh that bee is veryreligious,and Gareth not though God teeth himwithin,tohate neither any foundknowledge norany true loneto religion. The couetous wotldling who rakesall that canbegotten; if he can fetacolour to the world, thatnobody(hall fee hit plots and cunning Rüfts, refpe&ethnomore; albeit the Lord knoweth how hisheart isfet vpon the world, and had' ¡gob. ;i.ít. it not. rhenchasirableperfos, ifhe canvIt a few idleproteftarions,thathebea. tali no ill will, &c. perfwadeth himfelfe it isenough ; not remembring that the Lord beholdes his thoughts, and isprivy to hisdelires tomorire milchiefe. The clofe Randerer; ifhe canvnder hand tape vp an ill report, that the partyWronged maynotknow hedid it,isCafe in his owne conceit;howbeitGod knoweththat his tongueislikyaf$arpsrasar,Wbicbcnftetbdeceitfn/ly'.Theeuilldifpofed,whoarein rptal s.s: houfes of miforder whenothers areat Church, ifthedooms be thut,and no noire 3 bee made, and officers know it not,theydoubt notbut toauoidGodsbeholding well enough. The w,horiQr woman, iffhee canhideherfunreinany-fort, fir nonecan prooueit dire&lyagainfl her, Randeth vponcentres ofhonefy, and is not afraidof Godsprefcnce,from whomnothingcanbe keptfetteri theewipe& her numb (lath Salomon,) acrdfaltb lbare not committed iniquityt. Thus thecare treats,* of the moil is tokeepe credit with men ;ifit bewellwithvs before men , wecafe little how the cafettandeth betwixt vs and theLord. This will notferuethe turne when all things cometo recriar their dinetriall: then the vicard will beeplucked offfromcurry hypocrite; than (hall many a manbe apptooued,whofe courted': world nowcondemned' for folly ; and many that now carry a face andbeamout matterswith a (hew, will be found diffemblers, and the lot ofhypocriteswill bee theirportion. Let this perfwadevs toaffe& frncerity andfinglerelè ofbearr,and alwaiesromake it our care,moretoregard the acceptancewich God,tllentheae- count and opinion of men. It is afpeciall point oigodlinelfe,and bee bath well profited in religion, that bathwell learnedthis Icffon,and this one thingwhich I !hallname untoyou, is the beth itisll of it ; when a man is the fame alone and in company ; that is, whenas that fine,thatmill courtewhich a man knowethbee would notenter into, in thepretence, and fight,bed knowledgeof men,the faire he doth farbgare whenhee isby himfelfe, and bath many aduantagenand oppor.I amities fafely and remedy topraâife it. To forbearetodoeeuill when men are by to beholdc it,isnothing,eht Yeti-eft hypocriteand reprobate italic worldmay doe