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7hefecondpart of the eAhriclgenient oftheÇ,Jofiel The first Sermon Vert 76. n_4ndthooi bribeJhalr bet calledthc 'Prophet ofthe iseglHigh :for tboei (haltgoe before thefaceof the Lord topreparehis Wales. Verfe 77. And, togiueknowledgeoffaluation aseo thepeople, &c. His is the beginning of the fecondpart of this Hymne. The2. part The (-tamale of it is a defcription of the officeof John of the Baptift, which yet is focarried, asthat in this partalto,, Hymne. themy llerie of Chrill,andof faluation wrought by him, is open veryeia&ly. MyMethode (hall be this; to let you fee, howeach Theorder branch oftheft verfesdcpendethvpon other , as it were ofthe Whole fo many linken enchainedeithertoother.Firftofall Za. place to the charts dircaech his fpeech to the Infant. (prefent, in my opinion) and pronoun. end. ceth ofhim,thathe 4hall becalled the Prophet ofehe molt High: lfit be askedwhy he (hall be fooiled?it is anfveted,Becaufe hefliallgoebefore the faceof the Lord topre. parehisWaies.Ifwe would know what it is,to preparethe Larkwales, he faith it is, togiuebfnowledgeof faluation to the people. If wee demand wherein this faluation Hands,he addeth,that it (lands in the remif f on o f linnet. If we enquire further, out ofwhat fountáinethisfalnation, Banding intheremiffonofinites, bath flowed; he telleth vs,that iscome from thetender mercyofour God. Ifwe would be informed whatis the efpeciall fruitofchis Mercy ofour God, hee fetteth it dowsethus, that by it is come to Otte, that the day - springfrom anhigh bathwifedvs. If Wily the queftion be, to what fpeciall end this Day('ring bath appeared, he fhutteth vp. all with the fweet and graciousconclu/on; that theendis , Toghee light to them thatfit indarkneffe, andin thefhadowofdeath, and t.Odeourfeete into thewayof peace. This is the orderofthis wholeplace. I will profecuteeuerybranch in the fameorderand manner inwhich it lyeth. And Hrll ofthe title, to bee gineta to lohn Baptiff, ThomBabefhalt be calledthe Prophetofthemoll high. The meaningofwhich fpeech is, that all men fhouldtake notice ofJohn, and acknowledge him tobe a Prophet of God, called fromabout , and appointed by fpeciall deputation for the feruice ofthe Church.The verifica- tion of which foretellingwe reade intheBorie e Themultitndecounted7ohnas a Prophet'. All hold?ohn as aProphets. But here may arifeadoubt. Johnhimfelfe s Math. td. t. beingdemanded whether hewere the Prophet,anfweredào :. The anfweriseafie, 7 Mat zt z6 thus. It was theerrourofthe ?ewes, thatbefore the Mefsias therefhouid comea n uii.,z,. fpeciall Prophet, befides him that was fpoken of, by thenameof Elias. So itap- pearethby that themultitude fail on a time touching Chrifl: This is ofa truth the aIab.6a4: Prophetthat fiooaldcome into the world 0,and inanother place: Ofatruth this iethe 1,101,7.40. Prophets'. This errorof theirsarofeout ofthe wordsofMofes :7heLordfigclod eDeua,s.tg. Wtü ras/e vp two thee a Prophet like mete meefromamongyou c. lobs thereforede- nieth himfelfe to be a Prophet is tirar fesfe; hee wasno fitchProphet as they loo. ked for. This is the fenfe. Now thedoârineisthis;Tbatitisaneftateofprefermem 'asodcredit,foraman tolti Thei4oiá. deputedto the callingandoffice ofa Prophetand Miyoiflerinthe ChurchofGed.Marke how this arifethout ofthisplace. 7,acharie dire&ethhisfpeechto John: Heewas N 3 now