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144 The e/lbridgementofthe c1 fci. nowat the time ofthe fpeakïngofthefewords an Infant , there was notthen any great matter ofoutward circumáancein him tobetaken noticeof: yctnotwith- (landing (quoth Zacharie) eoen thouO babe, littlethough thou now be, wraw- ling in thy cradle,and wraptvp in clouts,thalt in timeobtaine this honour , tobe ' reputedandcama Prophet of moll High , a Preacher appointed by him to publi(h the doârino of falaation to the world. Thus the manner of fpeaking, Now theater: batafillybabe,yet thon(helt liar to Bearethe title ofone ofGod, Prophets, fcrueth ro iufifie thisdoctrine. Thereis nothing more effe&uall ro thecleering of this point , then to confider the matter and bufrneffe about which entry true Minilter ofGod is emploied ; which is not bafcor vulgar, but ofasgreat weight d Ira, t2,7. and worth asrnaybe: Itistogiaeknowledgeoffalaatien, topublifhpeace4, íe declare e lob;;. 2 ;. toa man his rigbteoafne e, refleethem that beleeue r topray men in Chriflrffead to f a or....r. be reconciled toGodg,tegathertogethertheSaintsh,tobeGodsmouthtothepeo- hEph.4. i,. PIe in preaching tothem fromGod; and to be thepeoples mouth againein pray- iDcia.g;.,o Mg forthem toGod There are no bale things , no vileici uices, nomeant em_ ployments,totreatebetwixt the Lord and his Churchof noworfe matter then the gloryofthe one and the Irisation ofthe other. Many things might eafily be heaped vp to this purport, but I willfatisfie my felfewith this, and proceed to the vies of thinpoint,whick are three. 1- hcr.pp.. The brIc is an admonition to Chufe whohaue by their plach tó doe in the ele. &ing andordaining ofMtniflrr:forfcuerall congregations ; They moll remem- tt t Tim. ;, ber the charge, Lay handsfeddeny on NO man k. The calling is honourable, and ar. thereforenot for euery onehand ouer head to be admitted lino: It is not metre that the paffageinto the Miniflrylhould lye open forwhomfoeuer t Who Would I r,King.r;. might .con [Mouebiufelfer,iewas oneofthe euils of leash-jam:time: lt willlay the 33, beautyof calling in thedull, and make the world full of fuch wandring Le_ tires, as*youngmanofBethkbemAdak, whomMiceb hiredfor tenflak's offr!_ n, Tu4 'g.7. tier by theyeare, ands luteofapparel!, and meare enddrinker., which will be ready so. toferue theturneofeueryChurch. fpoilingpatron, and tobeat his deuotion, for nr.Sam.:.36 apiece offìleerendewerfell ofbread.. They. pr,-. The fecond vfe, isjanaduertifement to all that are tired into that fur.&ion to takediligent heede , that they doe nothing that maydifgrace tohonourable ácal- ling. AMinliler is tyed to watchfulneffeby adouble bond ; Firfl,as he is aClad. Than, then as heeis aMinifter: Whofoeuer of Aaron feed had any blemílh in o L-war. 17, himMould not preffetooffer'beforeGod °. Many things might be pardoned to others,which in vs will feeme intolerable. If thefelt bath loft húfaaour,itis thence_ p Math.;.g, forthgoodfornothingP. Godgrant that theeminency and dignity of our calling maybeget in vs a steady care todoenothing whichmay bring it into difgrace. The 3.efe. Thirdly(fora third vie), this makethagainft the contempt , which is general- ly call upon the minittry. Many fcorne it in themfelues, accounting it a bafe thing for them or their children to confecrate their life to theminiftry of the Golpe!. Achillerofiheciui llorcommon law, isbetter (in their teeming)thena whole vintage of Diuinity,I ris Taal: rule,that welhouldbe bad infrnguler losefor ti ThePp our workerfake%,In theworld itis otherwife,hated we be for our workes fake,and r;, defpifcd forour profefsionfake; It is the commonThemé of many being in their cups, orotherwife want of matter to dilcourfeof, to open their (noodles a- gaini i theminiftry. Be it fo that Comedeferue ill enough : yet when men take a pleafure in therekinds of inueying, and feckeout ofthe misbeháuiour of tome to coiledconcluionsagatinfl all , it argueth that they fpeake not outof the hatred ofmill, but ontofenmity to the calling, thinking that they hauequit themfelues well,ifthey can bring that into difgrace. Welh.touchingthysfir whicharefaithful! r and makeconfcience tofeed thepeople withknowledge and ,vnderflendmg r This I Ca y,and vet not i but the Lord; Let amanfe 1.1 4,4of themae ofthe Miniflersoffe. fr.Cor.4.t, feu Chrifl,aneld ófers.ofthe/eeeretsofGodr. The contempt reacheth high : that