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gz The e/1abridgement oftheqojfiel. parant. Man was firftcaft outofParadifefor finne;neither cloth anything hin> der his returnebut onely finne : forfo long as his ftnnesremaine, they are asa 1Pl21. ;8.4. wtightieburden 1,to preffe himdowntohell,and hiswages and (Upend is eternal! ®Rom6. 3. De4tbm. Therefore ffnnebetakeo away and pardoned, Godbathagainilhim no matterofdifplcafure, and Chrifts obedience being imputed to him , heauen cannotbe denied him, heemutt needesbe fatted. Thismay briefly ferne tomake pia* this doetrine. TbrVf. The firti vfeof it , is tofirengrhen vs in a nctable point, which is, that in the matteroffaluation,ali merit anddefect ofour ownworkes,are vtterly excluded: The ground whereofis in thisplace verycxpreffe. For Idemand : whereindoth thatfaluatioo(land, which mu1 bec publilked by theMinier in the Chnrchof God: Zacharieanfwereth,thatitftandsinthesemi/fists offinnes.Now,defertand temifsioncannot agree : Ifmy plea forfaluation mullbe,the pardonofmy fins, where is my merit ? If Ihaue faluationby defert ofworkes, I haue it upon right: but if I obtaine by the pardon ofmy flung, I haue it whollyvpon courtefre. This is a dire& kinde of reafoning : auditis iutlified by Saint Pauli çourfe. His uRom,;. a8. maine propofition is, that., man ie ia}üfiedbÿfaith, without the worker of the law°. Thishe prooueth (asbyother reafons, fo) by a teflimony fetched outof the two and thirtieth Pfalme. Dees es Daaid(faithhee) declartth the leleffednes of theman oRom,4.6. vnto whom God impctethrighteocfneffe without workes °;&c. Daredplacethhappi. neffein the remifsionof finnes : It inremifsionof fines , what place is left for workes inthis bufinelli?And thin is the expteífe doriiseofthe Scripture: Eter. pRom.6, a;. nail is thegiftofClode : and what is more freethen gift ? By grace are yet faced throughfaith, &c.notofworksJeff any manflrosldboaffhimfilfeq.Not by the worksof e T:tdS righteosifaes which ire haddone,bctaccording to his mercyhefaced vsr.Ifany works mightdeferue,whatmoremeritoriousthenthefuffrings ofMartyrs? yet theaf_ fRom,8.1 8. fiiffionsofthisprelim time,are not worthy oftheglery,wbichfha/lbefhewedvntevsr. Rhein. This isdirealyagainflthe do&rineof Popery, which is notathamedtomain- Tef.inGal. Caine, that *milt aretheproper caafeo fl ifeecerlaffingt,Ler thePapifls(iftheycan) 6, 9. reconcile and makethofeagree, how faluationcan be groundedvpon theforgive. nelfe offitmes, andyet be ours by the dignitie of our workes. They cry outa. gainflvs in regard ofthisdo&rine twowaies. Firft,that life eternell and rattiati onare often in Scripturepromifed as the rewardofgoodworkes, and that there- , fore lifeeternal! is ofmerit.!anfwer,thatrewardis twofold. Firlt,offauoue. Se- .Rom.as, condly,ofdebt. SoSaint Pacl himfelfe doth diflinguifho. Now lifeeternal, is %Rom.6. a;. rewardof fauour : 7tis thegift ofGod.. Indeede in the matter offaluationGod bath madehimfelfea debter : But how? by his freepromife,not by the merìteof anyworke. If hebathvouchfafed to promifelifeeternall to ourobedience,iris truewemay claimeit as due, but notbecaufe of the excellencieof ourobedience, but becaufe of the truth and flrength of the promife. Very ffeetuall is that yCol,;, sq phrafe ofthe Apottle, when bee calleth life eternal!, a Reward#of inheritance r: which proouen, tha!God cloth not giurieforWortes, as athing bythemdefer. ued,butbecaufewearebecomehischi ldren by the free grace of adoption. Se. condly,they crieout,thatby thismeans wedeflroy good Workes.Ianfwer,that that isa meere vntruth. For we fay, hatnonecan befaued without good Workes íÈpb.s.ro; becaufeCad bath ordained théthat wefhouldwalkin thé°;we teach, that that Faith ntom.:. 36. is in vaine anddead' ,whichcloth not workby teoe b:Foralbeit we mutt bezealous in ti Ga1.5.6. good workes e not with anhopetomeritthere yet weknow and reach, that `T10'ar' there are fundry nece arie !fee"of them, for which they ought netto be ne le. Tit,g,rf. &ed So then his is he fitti vie of thisdo&rine, ro eftabl thh vs in the do&rriine of freeiuttification withoutworkes.IfTwouldbe faued,thepardonofmy limes, thehiding and couering of mine owne a&ions , inthe thingwhich !muff fecke after: therefore that warrant haue Itorely vpon my owne deferuing ? This is uecdfulltobe noted,becaufe thiserronr goal] farec,and too toomany doetruth to