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i6o The eJbridgement oftheCJ feel. The fecond thing to bee handled in this Text,is the nature ofthe benefice, which is here declared in two things; I. Togixe hgbt:2. Testaeonrfeete into the Way ofpeace. Of there two in their courfe. Indifcourfingvponfile former, I mutt fliew firft , what is meant by Light ; and thenhow this Lightügiues. The word Light is oppofed to the former :aerie. Whatfoeuer is vnderftoodbÿ parkeneffe and the fhadow of death, the contrary thereunto is intended by this word Light: a namely, Light ofknowledge, Light ofcomfort, and tight oflifc The 4. doll All thefe three are meant by theword Light, and into the worldChritt came to t Ioh.9.39. impart thefe three. Pirft,to giue the Light ofknowledge; I amcome into the world .t Co.z38. that they whichfee not, mightfeet. Nomanbathfeene God atany time,theonebegot.. y to LC.3., tenSome,d.c. bee loathdeclared bin". In him are hiddeethe treafurea ofwifèdema . andknowledge .; andofhiefalnef weme all receixeo, Secondly, togiue the Light , ofcomfort: TbeSpirit oftbe Lordis vponme,(theplace is meant of Chrift) regime beantyforafres, theogleof ioyformotirning,tbegarment ofgladnes (orthe Spirit ofhen- xinefè t: And thence commeth that offermade byChritt: Come vote met aß that fay t. t,z9, are ,earie, c§c. andye (h4IIfinde ref£foryoxrfxles ', Thirdly, togist the Light of Life: He that followethme, pall nokwwalken,darknefie; butfha3bane the Laghto£ b Iohn8aa, L i f e b, He herb brought Lifeand orralityteLight by the Gofpel. And thusis e,Tím.tao, that fulfiled which Chritt fpake:R!bofeuerbeleeuesbinmeefhall not abide indark- drlohn 1s. 6. neffi d: neither in thedarknetfe ofIgnorance, nor inthedarkneffcofdifcomfort, nor in thedarknefre ofeteroall death, Now for the manner and means of imparting thisLight: Hee who is the e tat,4 a. Sonne ofrighteaufneße e, conuiieth thebeamesofrhis Lightby twoMr:meta : I. The Word, z. The Spirit. To affùre vs that the Word is thelnftrument fPf loot 19.8, tocounty theLight ofknawledge,it is faid,togineLight to the eyes iand the Mini f M,t ç.t4 fiery ofir, is called the Lightoffihe worlds; the Minillersthemfelues are faid to h Re".tzó. bee Starres inChrifEs right hand' : they hauecommitted veto them, the Keyof nuke tt, çs. Knowledge', andkis their office tosineknowledge k. Againe, that we mayknow k Luke .47. the Word tobe theInftrument of comfort' it is Paidto riioyire theHeart 1, and.to I PCal. 19.8. bea Comfort in trembles. Thirdly, to certifievs,that jtisthe Inftrument ofLife, mPCal,1,9.ço [.. i t s nAO, ç.za called theWordofLife ",god a quickningWorda. Touching the Spirit,asmuch oPfal,119,9; is tefiified alfo. Byit Godgiues Knowledge. ItistheSpirit,/ truth and leadetb intotruth r.. The worke thereofis called theopening ofthe Heart a, and the opening p Iohnt.13. of the vnderfiandingr. Secondly,by it commethComfort ;thereforehe is called ag nk.a4..Y4' the Comfforterr, and Theoyleofgladneff t Thirdly, by it commeth Life ,for t L.z4.4f flohn.,a.z6, whichcaufeitiscalledThe£/irisofLife ". Thus wefee, Chritt theDay.ffringfor t Pfal.4t.7. what end he came,even togiue Light, namely, theLight ofKnowledge,theLight úRorn.8.a, of comfort, and the Light ofLife: We vnderftand alfo, how beefendethfoorth thefe his beames opon vs: Outwardly, by the brightneffeof his Word :Inward- , ly,by the fhiningofthe Spirit. The fitft vfe is tomake the tidingsof the Gofpel, tobe (as in their ownena- The t. Vfe. ture they are) tydin, i vita vsforgreatiay s r TheyIhouldbe as the newesoffa- ',Luke 2. to. fepbs life to Jacob, at the hearing whereof his Spirit retained;. But why fo? The y Gen.4I.27 fubftance of the Gofpell is Chritt Icfus, and the fummeofhis office is. togixe Light : What one thing is therein theworldmore comfortable?WhenPaul and theyell were indanger of fhipwracke, theywiflud(faith the text)eharthe daywere comes. The darknefieof the night added to their danger, and doubled their -SAas z7. 59. fearer Euery home teemed two, vntill the day werebroken. Indeed the laying is trueof euilldoers: Themorning is tethern ar thefhadowofdeath': Mato them a In' 54.17. ofhoneft carriage, the light ofthe day is exceeding welcome. Therefore Daniel fetteth foorth his longing after God, by the watchingofthe marningwatcbfor opal r ;o. 6, the rttorningb, It is raid ofAbraham that he reioycedtofee Chrifiday t. A little c Iohn S. 0. glimpfe of this light was the very ioy of Abrahams heart. Howgreattherefore and intolerable is ourdulnefle, who take nocontentment in thebeamesof this Light