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TheJbridgement f the Ç ofpel. 16I Light, whichthineth vnto vs ? Agreat bleffing is ir, which is repprtedofZ,abxlon and Nepthalim ;The people whichfate indarknef fawgreatLight , and to them which fate ín the Regionand(hadow ofdeathlight is rifin vpa. Wee (by the good. d Mat.4,t6. niceofGod) enioy the likeWising, andyet in theopinionof then:ofì,it is no- thingle& then ablefsing: Men had rather lie wallowing in thedarkneffe ofig- norance, then open their eies toreceine that light whichis offeredergo themby theGofpel. This is that which will bringhell and judgment vpon this genera- tion, accordingto that fpeechofChrifi:This isthe condemnation,that light Marne intotheworld, andmen lonedarbnef rather then light.. Amaruell kis, that men a ;eke 3re, mould reitet fuch a biasing: ButChrifihath told the reafon : It is,betauf/ their deeds areBail. This Light ofdottrinedifcouereth their fins,(for it is Light which - wakretb as thingsmatrifefl t)itbewraieth the groffeneffeoftheir courfes, and lay- fEph.g,r;, ett open many amans hypocrifte, whoteemedto himfelfe, and was reputed by , othersto befuchan one ashe oughtto bee. There cannot beea greater vexation to men, ofcorrupt minds then tobe metwith in their fisses; they r.rythen with .Ahab, 11[41 thou, found me. O minee,nemiess? This is the caufethat the Lightof Kin g.zí.zo grace, which we ought ofall other thingsmollcoreioycein, is become fucha burthen vnto vs ;it difcouereth that, whist wee delire by all measestokerpe dole. The world hates me (faithour Sauiour) becaufe l tef'fseofitthat theworker thereofare cmli* . Rememberwe therefore : Chrift is the Light, wearethey to john . y, whom he offereth Light; he bath Cent his word toenlighten vs. Ifwee reioyce not in this Light, but withrather itwere mienblowneout, that wemightfleepe freely inour firmer, it meweth vs tobee the heiresofdarkeneffe, and thatthe madowof eternall death mull be our portion. The f°cond vie fiandeth thus s SiehChrist, as he isLighathimfelfe, fo, im- The2.Vfe, parts his Lightuntovsby his Word and theMiniftery thereof, we mufremem- ber the counfellwhichChrifi giueth: troikawhileye bare lightb. Wee haueno af- h r.tohs,;; furance of the continuance of that light of the Golpell which weenow enioy. Our fins maybringaformevponvs, in which theSIONJhaIgO downe gooey she Pro.. phers, and the day Ilea be darks euer them'. Our vnthankfulneaand barrennes in iMicah.3.6, ourprolefsion, our loathingof theheauenlyManna, bathdeferued this, and more: It is holy wifedometherefore for vs, totake thebenefit of thelight whiles it miueth., left incha judgment mould comevpou vs, asChrift fpakeof; name- ly,thativemoulddìfiretofeeone ofthe dales , whichwenowfee and valuenot, but then fhall notfee them k.Perhaps,in the opinionoffome this is no iudgement ,nay k Luk ty,zr. is the very thing they delire, beinglike thofe, whowhen theProphets ofGod wereflaine, reioyoedoffer them,&/emgifes metaanotkerr.But let thembestewhat IReatrao. Cher / Caith,fHe that walketb in thedark!, knowerb not whether hegoetb"Me that m lob, in,; r iourneiethnot whiles it is day, at laic when heis benighted, he lofethhis way, fal- leth into the hands oftheeues, rumeth intoComedown,fall where hecalls away himfelfe. Such is the fine of menwithout the Light ofboe ine:Theygo, they knownot whether, they Beleeuethey knownot what; downe theywill bee in the pit before they areaware.But (will Come fay) will you makevs blinde and fo fim- ple that we cannot fee the way toheaues without you? I anfwer with the words of Chrift to the Pharifes;Nowyefey,we fie thereforeyourfine: remainethP: You whichthioke your felues fo cunning, there is nont foblinde, no bodiescafein nloh,9.41. more difperate. . The third vfe istaught bytheApoftle, in thefewords , Wake as thechildrenof The 3.Yfe: Light That is,Chrifl is come into the worldto enlighteo,his word is preached, 046,0 to comiey the lightofgrace into our hearts: this is noCmall priuiledge; behaue your felues thereforeagreeably tothis mercy, hue as becommech thofe whom God bsth called into Light. Thisfame thing the fame Apoftievtgeth elfewbere: The night is pall (the time ignorance is blown over) ebeday iscome (thelightof graceandknowledgebath appeared)putenebereferethe arm"rofírigbes.Wemay pRomu3,ts: thus