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Theejbricgementof the qoffiel. 163 more, which he hatb sot done o? Shall we now whenall thingsare thus fittedfor .a if s 4. vs, bee like thole fpokenof in theProphet, who when theway was laid out be- fore them, laid jllainely, We will not wakethereinp. Godforbid. And indeede we Icrsaó. our- feises ifwe doe confider it, mull needscondemn it,that it Ihould be fo.Wby then is itló ? Chrift callteladayly upon vs in his word, while we be travellingin o'rownewayest Rowney fanne:nfAda. q. Why willyet die,Ohoofecflfearl? gP(oL9o.e Caafe therefore one another toret,rm yet weturne the deafeare, layingin effc r they didofold;The wordfpobenvnto vs in thename oftheLerd,we wi/notheave,. 32. Thus retry one terneth to his race', andthe wayoffnners n is preferredbefore the I.B 6. way ofpeace. The wordofGod calleth vson one way, and we willbe luretogee u1(aLx.r. thecleane contrary. Ifit were askedof vs, whetherwee would refufeto follow Chrift, we would all faywith one voyce, Gadforbid*:fhonld refefeit : but when heeared; his dire&ions to vs in hisWord, wewill notfollow them. Holdewe then this: Chrilt is the head Guide : His Word and the preachingthereofis the ftaffe and initrument to condo&vs : ifwe refute that guidance, we{hall ne- uer finde the waywhich leadeth antopeace. y z e The , here we haue agood dire&ion in thediuerftyand multiplicitie of io, guides, whom and what to follow. The timeferuerfolloweth the State and the law : The prophane perfon themultitude : the worldling his outwardquietneffe: The carnal' wifeman,hsowneconceit : The fuperllitioushis forefathers : The Papills, the nameof the Church. He which would not be deceived, let himhear- ken to Chrift s Hisfbeepo bear: his lager x: Chrill fpeaketh in hisword. Ifwee x Iohn will needs follow men, let it be according tothat rule: BeyefoRowers ofmenas l tanofGodr. Looke who goeth withChrift, that is, whobrings his word, hirn letvsfollow: Letvs doe asfouldiers doe in their watch,demandTheword.Thou Y x.Cor,si,e. wiltfay ; thediuell alleadgeth the word, asbe did to Chrift. Truth,butheallead., getti itfalilys as hee did in his reafoning withChrilt. Secke thouthe Lord in hu- milizie, and isdeniall ofthy feIlt, he will glue theeadifcerningfpirrt, and thou{halt not finally,orfundamentally be deceiued. /fogman (faith Chrift)will doe myFathers wil,heChaff knowofthe doflrine, whether it be ofGod, or whether lfpeake it ofmyfife 0, n John>.ay, ,FINIS,