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2 2, The e,fbridgement of gofel. thus vnderftand it : Men that by octagongoe abroade in the night, are net fo curious about theirattire, thidking that whatfoeueris=die , will beelhreuded vnder the mantle of the night but henwho goethfoorthatngoned y , will be more careful!, that nothingmay bee feene contrary tomodefty , contrary to ciuiljty. , So (faith the Apoftle) in thedayes ofyour ignorance , happelyyou might doe fuchor fuch things, andbecaufeyou knewno other , theymight (in foe fort)be borne withal!: butnow thecafe isotherwife ; Light bath fhind , grace hath appeared, knowledge ispreachedvntoyou, therefore other things, are now expo&cci ;if you;now liucas intimes pail, your fa&cannot be hid, your .fault cannot be endured : We fee ingenerall, whatthe Apoftleperfwades. That we may more fully conceiuewhat this is towdk inthe Light t let vs hearehint opening the fame rotovs: It comprehends ender it threethings : r. Toepprooue that Which ispleafing to theLordq, which is reuealed in the Scripture, and ismore g Ep11.5 ao. and moremade know tee vnto vs by Preaching. z. Tobewaretheofvrfruirfell rt'er4 rt. worke: ofdarknuff°',(ach asgluttony, drunkenneffe, chambering,wantonneffe,¡B ife, enuysng ffilthinefe,foolr(h ralkng', &c. 3. ToReproo:o them: ehsc is,tocarry our e Eph.5.3. felnes in that holyand blameleflk manner, that your very lines, (thoughwehoick our tongues) may b .,efuffícienttoday openand condemne the lewd faihionsof thevugodly, This is to wakea, the childrenof Light. This is (traitly requiredof thofe whichenjoy theLight , but (alas) full (lightly it is perforated. How cos-. mon, how fhamelcfi'e, and how perfumptuous are axle vnfruitfullworkesof darkneffe; fecurity, contemptofgoodne(f ; :Comeof Religion ;Pride, Whore- dome and fuck like? doechtfe agreewith thatLight which Godbathgiuels vn? Tninke we chat God bath apart in vs, whenthere things bearsdominionMace vs ?lc isvnpofsible. Ifwefry wehomefellowfhip withGodsend walksindarkene.,we lX,anddoenot trimlya. The concluhioriis this a Chrill isour Light, bee irnparcecls UIIoh.t.6, his beamesestocs by hisword: Ifwe louethisLight, let vs wolke ea thecholèen .flight. The workes ofdarkneffe will bringvs intohispower who is thePrince ofdarkneffe, we cannot efcape it, The fecond part oftheBenefit,is, Toguideourfeote into the way ofpeate. Heere it mull fiat be enquired what is rbe wayofpeace. Secondly, it muff be prooued that we need a Guide.Thirdly,itmutt be iuftìfied that Chrilt is theGuide.Laßly . itmull be Chewed, how he dothguide. Of thefebriefly. The way ofpeace, is the way which leader hvntoeternal! happindle:ltisceded The 5.dó&. Cods way , and the wayoffalnation Y. That we haue needof a guide, it is plaine. xP1:1 55 rt. The wayofpeace (by nature)wedo not knows 2 :Tbe way whichTeemed right ontovs, y Ads 6.n, the iffaes thereof ore,th *ayesofdeath. Itjsa part of ourmiferje,that wee are tar- sStew'crz. teedemery one to hisawne wayb. That Chriltis theGuide, his owne words prooue; a 33°'"' 1.'7. /(faith he) -amthe way'. He lotto before hisfheepe,.beleadeth theanout a. Now biotic,c.. he guideth euen as he giueth light ; By theWord, and byhisSpirit : By his Blob ta.1. Word; Thy .ward isr,rd4iternetomyfeete,axda light unsentypubes. : andthe In- terpreters of this word are called Guides f. z. By his Spirit : Thy rarePall fAEls 8 l' beareaward behsnd thee , fayl f, This i.e the way, walkey',nie s, ere. TheSpirit of liay ;e 2' teachwillleadeyouinstall widish. Thus is that verified which Hannah fake in her lobs r6 ;8. y P i ,Sam, o. long , that the Lordk.epetb thefeetof hisSaints', and(as Daaidfaith) cloth teach kPtat 2542. threat he waythat theyfhadchafe k. We fee by this,how foulelywedoe ail errebynature , howapt webe fill-in' The t.Yfe. matters which concerneour foulestobeemillakeu, how gracioufly Godbath dealt with vs inprouiding vs a guide;Whac lhould we now frame herebybut this? In all thankfulneffe and humilitytoyeeld our !does Yamhis condu&. flee bath prepared for vsa Way by his Resell , bee bath troden out a path by bisoWne exam- IHebeoao pion,.bee hash left vs hisWord and theMinillerythereof, to point outthe fin- v gabs 1453. gee to theright way, and tofheWvs whatis good o :To the reuerentvfehereofbee nMica.o.f. hack pto.eifed the afsiftance and guidance ofhis fpirict what fhamldbeebase dose more