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The Backeparts ofIehouahé a67 re in theirownenaturebut asoutward leales. The vfe hereof ( which is alfo theende why I noted it) is tomaintain the The rfe, credit and needful! vfe of that order of inftruaing vs, which the Lord hiswill is Ihould haue the chicfeplace inhis feruice. The wifedome ofmanmight ima- gine that it were no hard thing todeuife other meanes,morelikely toedifiethe Cottle, then thisofhearing, accordingas tib ofet (it may be) heldopinion, that if hiseyes might.once fee the Mainly ofGod, it would bee the onely means toconfirme him : But(as theApofle t fpeaketh) The foolifhne /eof Godit wilier Is Car r st. thenmen : and ashe thought itfitter ro införmeMofes by thecare, then toglue him his delire, in prefenting himfelfeto his eye, fohee doth fillholde the fame cootie, and hath ordained the fenfeof hearing, to bee (as it were) the pipeby which the fatting knowledge ofhis will, may be conveyeddowse into the heart, and whofoeuer doe negleaor defpife thismeanes, theLord will auk all other helpesunto them, which together withthis, might haue beenexceedingprofi- table. I remember whatthe richman lying in hell,faid to 'Abraham°'; hen was ,, Lulea 6.17 earnedwithhim that Loesesomight bee lent toaduertife hisbrethrenofhis mi. ferie, imagining that would beeavery effeauallmoth= torepentance ; accor- ding as inour reafon, weewould thinke that ifone fhouldconeamongft vsout of theplace of the damned, and tell what kindeofmen were there, it would ftrikea feare intomens hearts; lf one (faith hee) come onto themfam the dead, they *ißamend theirlimo. But now what laid eslbraham2 They base Mofea and theProphets, if they will no herethem,: neither will theybe perfwaded thoughone rift fram the deadagaine. It Ihewes plainefy, that thofe whowill not beeinitruaed byhearing, they are euespan hope, there s no conk though inmans reafon neuer fo likely, that is able to recoserthem. Let it admonifh vs, if wedelire to- knowGod, to prepareour cares to themeasenofknowledge: Rememberwhat Salamonhath laid, that it is but thefacrifceoffades, whichall chofe performe, who come into thehosj of God,and arenot mare andready roheere°. Thus much aEcd4r9 I thought good (by theway) to note hence, that Moles defining toconceiue the Mainly of God, was infirulted rather, (at the leaf) more largely, by the . care, then byoutward andvilible reprefentments..I come nowto thedefcriptiot irfelfe. Touching which, wee mutivnderl4nd that God is hemdefcribedtovsby The orderof foute things. s. HisEffence or Beeing. a, His Power. g, HisMercy. 4. His theTearhow Iufice. The firlt is in thatword ftbocab,which for the makingofMefsmoreat- to fs to bee tentine,istwife repeated lèhosah,lehosab. Thisname isproperly belongingvn- handls, toGod,neithercanbecommunicatedontoan creature inbeatenor earth what- Ofcha name foeuer : and it is fuck as we are not able inour language,by any one word toes- Doßafiron- pseffe. To omit many Wie quellionsabout this name,and to definer onely fo thing the Er= muchas is needful!, and may be bell alloonderllood by thole whichare eues of ¡unceofGod, the mcaneltcapacity,it dothnoteoutunto vsconcerning-GA three things efpe- çially. Firft,that God isan EeernalBeeing,that is,euen as the Scripture faith, one which is,whichwas and which is re reme °, Hehath bin a God euer,he info at this inllant,and (hall be towithout end. For thiscaufe hetold Mojeselfewhere r, that oÄeu.r4. his namewas lAm, lgnifying therby,that there neuerwas any time,neither fhal P Eaod,g,r4' be,inwhich theLord might not,and may not truly fayofhimfelfe,l Am. And to this end are the fayingsof the Scripture, Before the masntainesweremade, before thoubadit formedthíeartb, er theworld, even fromeselafling to eserla:ling thouart Gad 5, Before me there wasnoGodformed, neither(hall beafter me'. Thusfaithbee 9 pfa[gon, whichinbabitethEre,niryt. Heiscalledinanotherplace ',rheKingofages,&isfaid ¡!¡;4;if to hauemade theTimes". And thewordwhich in the languagewherein theScrip- t t Tim.r.r torewas written, dothvfe to lignifieEternal!, is drawne from arootwhich hero- nHeb. r.a, keneth to liebid, becaufe the Beginning and theEndofGod liethhid, and is a v°CeM` thing altogether unknown. If a man Tooke neuer fo faire backe, hee Oran P 4 neuer