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168 The Bac(eparts ofIehbuah. never finde where hisBeingbegan, ifhe inquire neuer 'to carefullyor curioufly in tothe times tocome, he thall neuer find outally limits toit,or any likelyhood of " an end.This isGods Eternity,the firft thing fignified and meant by this nameof his, !chetah. The fecond thing meant by it,is,that he it is whichgiueth Bceíngto all thingselfe whatfocuer.And that thisis the meaning ofit,appearesby that fay- - wrfa,444.. ins, 1amlehouah that madeadthingí *,asthoughhethouldfay, This umynear, this am-I caed,becaufeas lbase my BeeingPram rny¡ f fo lgiue veto adthings their beefing:according to the faying ofthe Apoltle,Of bies,trforhim,and throrigbhim, zR.gm,tr.;6. are adthings': and in another place, Inhim welist, we mooueandhamairbeeline Y. yAt&:728 Thirdly; this namefrbonab,betokeneth thus much touching God; that hoe doth fully accomplifh & makegood all his purpofes: andfor confirmation hereof it is ánotableplace, euen the laying ofGod vetoMotes, /appeared untoAbraham,1.- faayandlacob,by the nameofAlmigbty,but bymyna= lehouah.1 was not knownmite zExod,6.3. them.. The meaning is,that howfoeuerthe Lord, bycreating the world,&after, by deftroying it for the fins thereof, and by many otherblefsings bellowedupon theft Ines,had declared himfelfe tobe a mighty andpowerful) God, yet bee had neuerfo fully ¡hewed himfelfvnto them to beIebosah; becaufe they in theirtimes lawnottheperfòrmanceof thole promifes which neehad anciently made touch- ing the deliueryof the people outofEgypt: fo that nowMofes andthe rett,knew hisname lebash, becaufe they were to beeye-witnefles,ofthe fulfillingofthe old promifetouching their deliuerancefrom Pharaohhis captiuity. We maynot foenderliand the place as though the namelchooah was not knowneunto Abra aGes.s . hamand the tell For God fa, ftileth himfelfeboth to a ?brahama, and 'into la. been,aa,t;. cob too ha but this (as Ihauelaid)was themeaning. thatthenand at that irritant, and by that miraculous deliverancehee wouldmoremanifeftly thewhits-delftto belehosob, (that is, aperformer ofpromifes) then bee haddone in formertimes : The things whichAbraham, and lfaac, and lacob,had only heard,Mofesand they whichthen Hued, Ihould fee fulfilled andaccomplilhed: So that this place thus opened, isa manifeftproofe that he is therforecalled Iebosab, becaufeashe him= Celleis, fo he makeththat tobe, which he hadpromifed. For which cauleit isan ordinary thing in the Scripture, when the Lorddoth titherpromifeor threaten any great matter, hedoch put unto it his name leIosab, as a teal ofperforming it. Eaee.y.i 7, Iwill Ibex/you an example ortwoofit.! willfendyou(faithGod by theProphet) famine andesilibeafls,&r. 1 lebosal, hare f oken it,as ifhehad faid, you maybefart thù(halltake cifea, 1 fehouab base decreed it, lam able toperformeet. Thus God beginneth theLaw, 11am 7ehooah, toaffure that nothing (hall fallto theground eitherof the blefsingpromifed, or ofthe iudgementsdenounced in the fame. Whofoeuer readeth brews. 31. a chapter aboundingwithmany gracious ',missi- les,touching thenewcouenantinChri(,touching forgiueneffe of finnes,and the writingof the Law in our hearts,&c. (hall find this namelebouab,(or forit,Lord, the word lebosahheinivfually fotranfated) two or three and twenty feueralt times made mentiónof. So that all thisferues tomake thispoint plaine,thatGod is teaìmed lehosah, becaufehe dochnotgiue words only, but certainty, andac= compliament allo untoall his promifes. Thus we fee the meaningofthisglorious d1Deut2 8.58. namealebosah. Let vs proccede to examinewhat vfewecmay makeofall thee fpecialtiesto our (Clues. The fiettvre Fitft,whereas the Lordour God is Paid to beean leeredBeing, whichneuer ofthefide fig- had beginning, and knoweth no end, it ferueth to thew natovs, what a hateful) reification of thü, it is to goaboutto exprelfe this lnfinitnefk, inan imageofwood or (one, Iehorah: ormeta,or any other workeofmans hand. In lfaiab his Prophecy you (hall findethis ere : Towhom (faith theholy GhoO *dye liken Godswhatfimilituels ellS4o.5S. maimletvpTinto him'? In that chapterfundry reafons are vrged to (hewwhat an idleand foolish thing it is,but whofoobferueth the place,(hall find the principal( sobe fetchedfrom the Maic(y&eternity oflehosahtas indeedst is agrope and a feniklfe