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The Cbriflians Zoürrìall, dering, ifGod bath openedour hearts, that we perceiue there is no remedie buè a new courfe muffbec entred into, ifwee haue learnedout of theWordof God, which is theway ; let vsrefolue vpona prefect entry. Chriftfaith, Thekingdome ofheauenfuffereth vioknce.: Mee thinkes Chrift there fpeakesof heauen asof a z matter offered, which if it be notprefently taken, is prefently loft ; and therefore all men ofdifcretion that know the worth ofir, prefîe, and throng toward it, and catch after ic, and even fweateabout ir, that they may haue it while there is pof_ fibility ofobtaining it. I openedmy mouth and panted, faith Dauida, there was aPCsiq.r; i; hafte;l follow hard toward the markefaith Taut.; therewas fpeed.This is the third bPhil.3.r4. thing required to faluation ; there is no timenamed, therefore itieuff bcc done prefently. The fourth thingwhich now followeth robe treated of, is the entrance itfelfe: Dadirine. 4. our former wandering muftbee felt, the right and trucway muft bee fought for, when it is found, a refolution ofprefent entrance muff be puton; and then next we mull put forward. Enter in attheftraitgate. To thisa& ofentrance there are two thingsrequired, the fìrft is (that I may vfe tearmes agreeableto nay Text) flooping ; thefecond, a (trippingofourHues of wharfoeuer may hinder our en- trance. Firl 'i, there muff bee a kinde offfooping , betaute the comming in is lowc..It is laid ofheaven in the Scripture, that it is a hougsot made Witbhands '. e z Cor.3.r. Now, as in the matter thereof it is differing from our earthly buildings, to is it in the framingand contrioing ofit. In great mens houles, it is a great eye-fore, to feea little, low, and pinching entry to a large and fpacious dwelling ; but to the end all things maybe anfwerable, as thehoule is ofgreat receit, fo the gares muffbe high and lofty, and thecomming in according. But now in thishouse which is =main theheauens, it is Indeed itis large within, For in my Fatherskouf (faith Chrift) are many menfiònsd; but yet the gate vnto it is dIoh.rMz; exceeding low, theentry narrow, the parsing in very (trait : It is the gate of humility. A wasthat beareth vp himfelfe aloft , in the prideand fecuritie, and fenflefneffe of his owne heart; that leaneth tohis owne wifedome , that pleafeth himfelfe in a flattering opinionofthegoodneffe of his owne efface, that was ne- uerbeaten dowse by the terrourof the Law, and the due beholding of Gods tu- Rice, fuch anone can neverenter beere,this gate is too low forhis haughty , car- nail,and felfe-pleafng (fomack toenter in ar.See an exampleor twoof the Roo- ping ofGodschildren, intheir entranceinto grace. Looke fiat Mine iniquities aregone tuer my head, andare asa Weightieburden to /gamy farme ; ePfalg8.4. Mefeemeth I fee said in this pulsion,like a man oppreffed with fomecarriage more thenhe is able to ((andunder, which makes him double and crouch, and groané,and long tobe eared; fo Dauid was with the weight ofhis finnes, he was ' truckendowne with the fightand confderationof them. What rhinke we, did notEzra floope, when heprayed, Omy God! I am confounded andafhamed to lifevpmineeyes vnra thee my God, for our iniquities aregone ever our beads, andour trefsaffè isgrawnevp to beaten r?Did not 1ob ttoopewhenhefaid,0 Lord? abhorre fEn,, 9,6 myfelfe installandapes r? Was not Ezechiahca(f downe whenhe cryed in the glob bitterneffeof hisfoute, 0 Lord it bath oppreffedme,comfort me h ? Looke into the h 1ta38a4. New Teflament, what thinkewe of the woman that lay at Chriftsfeet, that waf s. ed them with teare+,andwipedthem with the haires ofher head, , was nothere ha. ;Luke 7. 3 . militie ? How iudge we of thePublican, didbee not manifeft the humilitie of &c. hisfoule euenby the handingof his body ? hee would not fo muchaslifenphis eyesto beauen,but /mote bit breaf1, and faid, God be mercifull tometa(inner x. Con- kLuk.rt.13: fider well the exampleof Saint Paul, I wasonce aline (faith he)wirhour the Law; 1 Bota.y.g. 18 hee once barehis headas high as the belt , and I warrant you would nothaue feared for profefsionof Religion,to let hisfootto him that was holie(t ; touching the righteoufnef /e which isin the Law (faithhey wasvnblameable But when his mPhil4,6. ties wereopened tofee hisformerceroue, when he hadfoundout thetrue way to life,