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8 The Clirí/lians Iournall, life, and began to frameto enter in it, thenbee (looped, I know that inmedwel. leth mead thing: I count allthings bat Joffe, fortheexcellent knoWledgefakeofChriff n P6í1,; 8, ?clue my I hedge themto be ding, thatI mayWinne Cliriff °. Herewas a man ftruckendowse, outwardly in bodie, when henlaw the light from heavenonthe way, but much more in heart, when bee lawafter hislong wandering,the nraite gatethat leaded; 'intoheauen. This is thecourfe that all that will befauedmat comevnto. The PI. It is ofvery great vie. Itwill proone a great many ofvs tobe meere !rangers . to thewayof life. For why ? It may be truely Paid ofvs, as the Lord fpakeonce oIer.44.ro, oftheIewes,We arenot humbledto thisday°: thenaturall prideofourhearts isnot yet beatendowne; there be but few that floope and arc candowne with thefight oftheir owne fpirituallbaieneffe,few that nand in awe ofGods maiefty,and that tremble at his Word. The proud Pharifiethat flood vaunting,God Itbankehim, pLs .i5.n. I am thusand thusP, bath many followers ; but the poore Publican that hung dowsehis head,the confcienceof his lines filling his face with name, hathbut few like him. What one ofmany hathlearned with Damd, to bee low inbieown* q a Sam,6.2r fight,? Pauls rule, Ifany manamongyoofeeme tobe wife in tliis world, let him bei a cr Cor. 3.18, fool that he may bewefee: few know it, butfewer vndeinand it,but they be feweft ofall that bane pralhfed it. OwhenThal we befound to behumbled in that ntea- lureas the Corinths were, to whomTaalwas forced to write a letter ofcomfort to reuige them i One is puffedvp with a conceitof his owne fufficiency & know- ledge, and fcornesthe nmplicity of the Gofpell, and to fitin the Learners forme inGuilts fchoole. Another is frozen in ignoranceand blindneflè, and knowes nothing by himfelfe,his very viceslimesvertues unto him, cattything is with him as it ought to be. A third is lifted vpwitha prefumptuous opinion ofGods mercy,and thinkes it a matter ofeafinefle to obtainit, fo that henever fomuch asthinkesvponyeelding, and vpon thebumbling ofhis foulebefore the Lord fo that wemay well be laid to be !!rangers from the way oflife, fuch we will rot ftoopefo low, asthis lirait gateofhumility. Beggeweof Godthercfore,tbrthe would bendour iron necke, that herwould take thefifebuyheartsoutofour bodies,and gluevs heartsof flefh, yeelding andflexible,andealteto be bent, that being oncebecomeeven as nothing incurowne opinion, wee maybe fit panen- gers forthis little and lowdoorethat leadethv ntó life. Dollrite çl Well, itfolloweth:togetherwiththisllooping,theremull go(asIfaid)aerr- taisefirippingofour feluesalto; he that wouldgot through a ¡traitway, a nar- row entry, it isno wifedomeforhim toclogge himfelfewith manythings about him, bee had needrather to lightenhimfelfe, that her maygot throughwith the greater cafe. So mull itbe inthis cafe, the gate youfee to life,is lirait and pin_ ching,and thereforeas theApollefpeaketh to theHebrewes (veryfitly for. this fHrb,ra,t, purpole) Thefrnnethat bangetbfofall on, mullbefhaken offri theolds manmug bee rEphn.zz. cal?offr: the( tefbwith.the affellionsandhat mu(l bee mortifed°: our members that V'I'r4' areonearthmuffbe cracifsde: the weapons of vnrighteoufneffemaflbee laidafsdev: Rt';'f' we muli leanour old fins behind vs if wewil enter inhere; tobring them in with y om, 6,73. r vs at this little gate iris impofsible. The couetousman with hisbags, the(wearer with hisgreat oaths,thàtmalicious manthat (wels with his malice, the ambitious withhis high thoughts, the vicious withhis minions, thedrunkard with his full cuppes ; thefe,and the liketo theft canneuer enter herewith their dependences. What finne(neuer thouhaft formerly delighted in, ifit were to theeas thy right hand, or thy tight eye,thou mull cut it offendcaft it from thee, thoumull Kriuc to ftrip thy felfeof it,orelk thisgate is much toolittle forthee togoin at. This islike thehole theSnake creepeth through, where bee leaues hisolde skinne be- binde him. Ifthoumeare tocome here,thou mull then faywith S. Peter, It is e- noughformethat l ham' pent thetimepaffof my hfeiaftershebillsofthe (3entiles,wal. SIPea4.2. kinginwantotmeffe,lefts,drankennes,gluttony,drinkings,andinabominable idolatries'; other a