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Io The Chriflians Iourncili The fecond Sermon. Proceed frill in the matter,whieh in thebeginning Y wide / . you was molt agreeingto the maine (copeof this place ofScripture, whichis, tohewwhat things of necefsitie j e ought to be inall that wouldbe fatted; Foureparticu- tars haue bin treated of, the ¡eft now follow tobe hand_ Da Erin t, °'S led. The fifth thing then which by the authoririe and Pp firength'of this text, ought tobe in euery one that .vim n/d. defireth fluation, is a continual'proceeding and go- ing on ingood things. I doubt not but you Thal] fee this plainely proaued to beecomprehended in the Text. Our Saoiour heere compareth Heauen to a place,frcmwhich by rature we are all eltranged ; true Religion is the way lea ding onto it, humilitie (thedeniall of our felues, and the renouncing the by- pall pleafures offinne) isthe gatecnrting vs into this way. Now the vie you knowof a Way, is for travellers,not for idleloyterers, or vaine gazers, ortime- deluding triflers ; fuch is this fpirituall way, itis a way leading tolife,and there - fore requiretha continual) proceeding, from fleppe to fïeppe, from grace to grace,wiihout defif}ing,wirhout tyring, untili the ;mimicset.d be reached ento and this is the expreffedoEtrineof the Scripture. The Author of theEpiftle to the Hebrewes hash twoexcellentplaces for this purport, the firA is in the fixt Chapter, where, writing vitro thole that had beenwell andcarefully inftru&ed in the fi Pr priurìples of Religion (which hetermerhtheDsEIrineofthebeginning ofChrifi) bee exhorteth them, that, not fatisfying themflues therewith, as though it were enough that- they were thus entred , and as itwere feafoned with blieb.6.,, found knowledge,they lhould now be led forwardontoperfeftion(b); as if he had raid, Indeede it is true, you hambegun well, yetyou mull not rhiuke that Ef- ficient ; there isa kinde ofperfeEtion tobe aymed at, and you mull fillpieaffe and indeuour onwards to obtaineit a the fecond place is, in the twelfth chapter, Caliaway (faith he)etsery thing thatprefth downe, (difchargeyour felues as much as it is impofsibleof all incontbrances) theProne that hangerbfefallon,feeke tó be e Fhb, 2.r, earedof ir;and,let yr runne withpatience,the race which isjet before vs(c); here, iuft according to this text,he likeneththecourfe of Chriflianirie to a race, in which there mull be a fpeedy hatlening, without gluingoser, vntill the endOf therace be conicvuto. We liane examples hereof in Sctipture, two chiefly: the one in d01ra9.3t. D,ssid,iWill rutiar the rosyof thy comraandementrd; there was aproceeding,ago- dugon,a growth in godlines: Theother is Panl.fpcaking of the excellentknow- ledge ofChrift, offeeling the vertueofhis refitrreEtion, andof being confor- mable to his death ; Brethren (faith bee) i Mint not myfrlfe that I attained to ePhi1, 3.13, it (e), (andyet Paul wasmore then ordinarilyexpert in the rnyfterieofChrift) r4. but one thing Idoe, ¡forget that which is behind , that which Ihanedone hitherto, I am cuesashamed of it, Iaccount it not woorih the naming , Iendetseur myfelfe voro that which is before, andfollowhard toward themarlçe,for the price of the high callinQofGod in Chrifl /elf's. it is a place,and an exampleworthy (as theScripture Hera7. t. fpeaketh)tobewritten with the point of a Diamond' in the tables ofeuery Chri- Rian maniheart. Daviddefcribing thetrue worlltippersof GODthat doe ferne him